My dog ate a plastic bag what will happen?

or C) cause a blockage and your dog will require surgery to remove it. Keep an eye out for signs of discomfort, vomiting, dry heaving, unable to poop/straining, walking with its back hunched up is a sign of abdominal discomfort.
It will

a) Be digested
b) Come out the other end undigested

Dont worry people have swallowed some of thes strangest things and it comes out the other end. Who knows what else your dog eats behind your back.

If your dog ate poison or chocolate you might need some medical help.

I guess keep an eye on it to see if it looks okay.
He suffocates and dies a dog's death
It will either pass thru, or it won't pass thru.. Odds are pretty good tho that it'll go thru.. Watch for it.
It won't hurt your dog. It will just come out the other end...
hopefully it will pass through the bowels. If it dosen't get tangled in the intestines. You may want to have him checked if it dosen't run through.
First, take your dog to a vet for a check-up. Second, follow the syptoms of the vet. Third, ask the vet if it is possible to operate your dog. Fourth, pray for your dog to survive the opereation(if needed.). Fifth, watch your pet everyday.
Not good. Take it to the Vet.
hopefully itll pass thru no cat is perpetually eating pieces of plastic bags, rubber bands and wotnot and they pass thru just fine..hard to keep ur house completely devoid of plastic...

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