Why does my dog carry my stuff around the house?

She doesn't destroy anything but she relocates it. She does this with shoes, clothes, other items. Any ideas how to get her to stop?
It has the scent of you. Are you with her a lot or is she a lone a lot? Get her a stuffed animal of her own and take it away when you go to sleep. She'll miss it and then will try to keep it as long as she can before it goes away again. Good luck!
try the "spray bottle method" if it becomes ridiculously excessive, if not, then say no to it.
My puppy does the same thing. You just have to teach her not to do that. I recommend watching the Dog Whisperer.
just don't leave your things down where she can get them. and she just does that cause she loves you
Mabey she or he is bored and wants to do something, as if your stuff might be like a bone to her.
If you have a retreiver-type of dog, they are happiest with something in their mouth. I have a lab. His stash place is behind the couch. Who knows what a dog's reasoning is. Maybe their just bored, or maybe their playing with you. Do you make a big deal of it when she takes something? Maybe research it on an obedience web site. Just give her plenty of love! Good luck!
He may like your stuff it's normal anyway your dog is just playing with you if you don't want the dog to take your stuff close your door or put the stuff your dog takes away.
they like the way we smell and taste. We taste like salt to them an they like it. If you go to work and leave it one reason might be that it wants to smell you and taste you. I know it sounds weird but..
She does this because she loves you and misses your attention. My dog will do the same if I am gone for a couple of hours, although she has never chewed any of the items.
More than likely it is a form of security for it . Your smell is on the articles and that is prob. why esp. if it is not damaging it

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