Holding puppy causes worms?

Is it true or just myth that holding a puppy to much causes them to have some sort of worms?
When you handle a young puppy a lot, it causes the puppy to have indigestion.. when his tummy is upset, it makes it produce excess stomach acids, which disturbs the worms (which are already there) and makes them ill and active, so, often they will be in the puppies next poop..this is why people think that certain things or activities cause the worms..such as eating greasy foods, or milk, or raw meat, etc..It causes stomach acids to make the worms move to the poop area, and people think it caused the worms, but it only caused the worms to be visible..In the next poop
i think that it is a myth
Does that really make ANY sense?? It does NOT cause worms of any sort.
thats a myth. unless u have worms, which hopefully u dont.
This is a myth, Puppies can become infected with hookworms and roundworms while they are still in the mother's uterus. The larvae (immature forms) of the worms migrate through the mother's uterus and into the developing fetus. Puppies and kittens can also be infected with roundworms and hookworms through their mother's milk. This is why it is so important to begin a deworming program when the puppies and kittens are 2 weeks old. they can also get tape worms from fleas.
Definitely a myth! I know that my husband's grandparents used to tell them that holding a kitten or puppy too much would make the animal sick. It's just something they said to get the kids to leave the pets alone.
Animals get worms from the environment or from fleas, not from being loved.
It's a myth. Tapeworms are caused by fleas or eating dead rodents with tapeworms. Heartworms are caused by mosquitos. Hookworms, Roundworms, & Whipworms are transmited via fecal matter. Ringworms are caused by other animals with ringworms.
THATS A MYTH! just if he or she has worms, then u are around it u might get them, don't worry though, but anyway does that make any sence?!! i mean at ALL??
That is a myth. Puppies will get worms from what they eat if their mother catches her own food and sometimes they will get worms when they are in their mother's womb. But that is a myth that holding them too much would cause them to get worms.

If you suspect your puppy having worms, get him or her to the vet for blood tests and bring a poopie sample to see if the puppy has worms.

What they would get out of being held so much is love and respect for the person who is holding them. They love being held and played with. That is what puppies need is love and someone to play with.
that is the biggest load of crap I've ever heard. Puppies get worms from their mothers, fleas thathave sucked blood from an worm infested dogs, mosquitos carry heartworms, and well eating worm infested poop like rabbit or deer poop. puppies should be worm two to three times, and then I worm adults twice a year summer and winter. with a woirm that kills both round and hook, D-worm tablets.
Wow thats a new one on me. That would mean that you would have to have worms to give them worms wouldn't it? Do you have worms? Probably not, typically human and dog germs and such are not transferable. Good Luck to ya!
doesn,t mean you will give them worms,but parents say this as i have to so the kids don,t hold to much,,as the mommy dog really doesn,t like it #1, the other true fact is one doesn,t know if the puppys have worms yet,,most do and they are caused by fleas
and they can be passed to humans,, wash your hands often,enjoy

no it does not cause worms. only being outside and eating stuff outside. but even that is rare. usually only if they live outside they get worms.
That's a myth. That's like saying that frogs spring from mud, or that petting your dog's head gives him ear infections.

Puppies (under 6 months) almost ALWAYS have intestinal worms. They get it from fleas (starting with the ones that jump off of mom onto them). Puppies should be wormed frequently (talk to your vet for his recommendation of how often).

Hold, pet, talk to, sing to, walk with, and train your puppy as much as possible. He will love you for it and your experience with him will be infinitely better.
It is totally false.
If you would just logically think about the question you ask.you'd know the answer! WHERE exactly would the worm come from and how would it get into your puppys intestine.would it appear out of thin air by.MAGIC!!? DUH!!?

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