Why wont my dog look me in the eyes?

It is a pit bull who favors my boyfriend, but i am second. she wont look at me in the eye. Why?

please no pit bull bashing!!!
It is a sign of aggression to look directly into the eyes for a dog. Since your dog loves you, it doesn't want to be mean to you.

I love pits!!
I'm not bashing...but looking a pitbull in the eyes is a challange to the dog...you know what happens when a pitbull is challenged, they fight...
You're in big trouble if she does. Direct eye contact means dominance for any dog. (They wish to dominate you.)
You need to be the alpha, especially with such a strong breed.
Be glad, it's really best.
i'm thinking it's a dominance issue. unfortunately you do need to get eye contact for your dog to respond to you. my former pit Bruno was the same.
one way to tell weather or not your dog is agressive is by looking it in the eyes, it is basicaly a dominate game, the one that looks away is like backing down.
Direct eye contact can mean a lot of things,I gaze into my dogs eyes all of the time. They too will look into my eyes with affection.(This is why I always say you need to have a full understanding of a dogs mind.)I am not at all saying that a direct ,head held low,eyes looking up to you you,stare down isn't a challenge from or to a dog.
Now about why she won't look at you.
Could be a few things,First is she is intimidated by you for one reason or another. Second, are you new to her and her boyfriend? Were you just a visitor to her and recently moved in?Try to see things from her point of view.Try to make friends with her by doing something just you and her like go for a walk or playing a game.Don't force the issue and move at her pace. And do beware of the side eye stare or the above mentioned looks. And also remember that a growl is a warning so don't discipline her for it,but don't fearfully back down from her either.
That's good. That means that your dog thinks that you're in control.
Is your b/f pack leader? She might view him as pack leader and you as her equal. Establish pack leadership immediately, Pit bull or not they are a stubborn breed that needs a strong leader and you need to show her who's boss so she doesn't turn aggressive towards you putting you in your place (and that's not pitbull bashing any breed will do that)

If you need to know how, watch Cesar Millan The Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic channel I'll send you his link so you can read up.

Good luck
you have to say her name and then say"look" .. have the treat behind your back so shes not looking at it.. once she looks at you give her the treat and say good (etc) .. keep doing it a few times a day
I think your dog should have a little eye contact with you both my dogs look me in the eyes and they are not aggressive with me at all and they also know I'm boss. I don't know a whole lot about pits I know some but not enough to say if it is something with the breed. I just think that they are beautiful dogs and should be respected just like another breed is.
if a dog looks u in the eye it means it trusts u or at least that is what i believe. i feel like they r talking to me. sensing what i feel. maybe they dont like ur body language. they can sense ur moods just try to remain calm around her and trust her
it seems weird but naturally opposite sex attracts more attention compare to the same sex and this applies to k9 too. That is just part of the research findings i read about animals.

However pit bull in nature are very arrogant type. That's why some of them have a hard time to settle down with their owners. All you need to do now is do the things she enjoy. Trigger her and grab her attention slowly. This will make both the owner and your dog have a better mutual understanding besides having fun.

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