Just picked my pup up from being spayed, is this normal?

she had the laser surgery, and the vet tech said she needs to be crated and confined for 3 weeks, she's allowed to go out to potty but then needs to be crated again. 3 weeks straight in a crate? that sounds really mean.
Crate confinement is essential to ensure the incision heals correctly w/o causing any problems. You might want to call the veterinarian that you had your pup spayed at and ask if it really is 3 weeks. Most spay/neuters require 10-14 days of confinement, but I'm not too familiar w/ the requirements for laser.

It is not mean to confine your dog to a crate for 3 weeks, if you consider the alternative. If she isn't confined and plays, runs, jumps, etc, she is probably going to open her incision (causing you to spend more money to fix), get an infection, cause a hernia to develop, or worse die. I have seen way too many dogs come back after we spayed them, with their intestines hanging out because their owners refused to confine them. I have even seen a few who died because of this. Please do as your vet instructed and confine her.

Good luck!!
hummm. i dont think that sounds right call your local humane society and ask them what they think.
I don't have a dog (but want one soooooo bad), however I have two female cats. Both were spayed, and after their spaying, the doc told me they needed to not jump, run, or be hyper for 10 days. So I can believe the same would go for a dog. However, since she had laser surgery, that seems a bit excessive. I thought the laser surgery took less time to heal. I'd call another vet and just ask them about this.
that is weird when i got my girl done i just had to keep her quiet for a couple of days don't keep her locked up that long just try and keep her calm as possible no jumping and no stairs for a few days. Yeah and find another vet.
I had mine done a year ago they are supposed to be crated for the first 2 days and then restricted play for the next few weeks until the stitches heal. You can always call the office back and ask to speak to your vet for clarification, you may have miss heard her.
three weeks..sounds like a little much
mine only needed chicken broth diet for 2 days and just rest.i'd seek 2nd opinion
Sure does sound extreme.. but I have never had my animals spayed with the use of laser.

Regular old surgery, a few sticthes or skin glue. pick them up the next day, and they stay pretty quiet on there own for a day or so. then no real jumping or working out for 10 days or so.
my dad is a retired vet and he said there is no need to crate them!! and yes i am completely with you that is so mean!
That sounds extreme to me. I would think that keeping the activity down for a week, two weeks max is more normal. They can't seriously expect you to confine your dog for that long. I'd call and ask to talk to the vet and ask her what exactly the dog can do and when. It may be that the tech got the info wrong.
Call the vet tomorrow and ask her again what she meant. This does sound a little obsessive. I guess they don't want her to jump up on to furniture and such. Do you have other animals? Very strange. Good luck.
She shouldn't be crated for that long. The reason she needed to be confined is not for her to be too active and the injure would take a longer time to heal. Especially when she has laser surgery then the wound should be healing faster. Just keep her in the crate for probably 1 week then u can let her out but keep her in one room. Let the vet check on her again before u wanna take her out of the house.
I think that means if you aren't there to be with her and keep her from jumping up and then down and ripping something. If this is a new procedure they may want to be extra careful also. So, I would crate her when I couldn't be right there with her. I would do what they say and keep checking her for dry warm nose and anything else unusual that might mean infection. Make sure she drinks and then starts eating a little the next day or two.
I have had many animals including dogs and you just have to keep them still and quiet for awhile.and away from other pets so they dont rough house with them.and they cant be jumping up are down from anything. I never heard of confining any thing for three weeks after a surgery. Ask another vet
I don't know about the laser surgery, but when I had a female spayed we didn't crate her and I had my male neuter at three months it hardly fazed him.

I would certainly ask more questions and by-pass the tech.
even with stitches your dog should not be that confined!! what is the benefit of laser, which i have never heard of before? seems unusual to me. GOOD LUCK!
I believe my sister in law had to keep her hiper yellow lab in create for 2 weeks. She was out at night in the house and when someone was arond the house otherwise she was in crate.
Nope..I am in the middle of my dog was spayed too.
I was told the same thing.
I don't know how big your dog is.but mine is a small chihuahua so what I did was ..took a baby gate and put her in one off our bathrooms so she had more freedome but also still isolated. Its too help keep the stitches clean so they won't get infected. She doesn't do much because she is still sore but I am coming up on my second week and she basically just sleeps.

Its fine..You just need to do it and get thru it.
i don't think that is necessary to confine your dog. i have 7 dogs, none of which were confined after surgery.all of which are fine. never had any problems. i let them go at their own pace. they always started out slow for a couple of days, then gradually began to do more as their incision healed.

of course i didn't play fetch with them, or any rough play.

i think that is unnecessary to keep your dog in a crate like that for so long. maybe keep her from climbing the stairs for few days, but not in a crate.

just my opinion
well spay's are much more intrusive than neuters. so it would make sense for your dog to be confined for a longer period of time, but i don't have experience with the laser spay. We do it the regular way. They are usually not confined to a crate, but just kept as quiet as possible until the sutures or spay area have healed. This is usually between 10-20 days. I don't see the need with keeping her confined for 3 weeks though. I would keep her confined for one week, then let her into a small room..like a bedroom and keep her there for another week and after that she should be home free. Goodluck!
3 weeks is way to long. I would just make sure that after a couple of days not to pick her up or let her climb the stairs. My 4 lb chihuahua was spayed the same way and I let her sleep with me and there was no problem with it. I just had to keep her from being active for 3 days and then just watch her and not let her get to active for a couple of weeks. Call for a second opinion. It never hurts to ask.
The usual after a spay is no jumping/running for 7-10 days which allows time for the incission to heal. It isn't usual for a dog/puppy to be confined to a crate for 3 weeks unless there was some type of complication from the surgery.
I know you may think that it is cruel.but it's not! If you let her out to run around and play and jump and things of that nature.then you're asking for some sort of trouble. The stitches can come out. The only difference between laser sx and the old fashioned way is instead of using a blade to make the incision, they use a laser..that's all. Some say it's better.we still use the old fashioned stuff so to speak. The outcome is the same. We recommend 1 week confinement, no running, no jumping, no swimming, no baths, etc. The sutures come out in 7 days.then back to normal,.just limited. I let my dog walk around. But at night time, or when I wasn't watching her.it was in the crate. Wasn't allowed to jump on the couch, run up the stairs or anything. Although I know that some of this is to be expected.they are going to act like nothing happened in a day or two.so just try your best! Good luck to you and your baby!

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