Will male dogs in heat try to mate with a spayed female?

Will male dogs in heat try to mate with a spayed female?
I have a year old female that went through her heat cycle and I had her spayed. I live in a house where there are three other dogs 2 males and 1 female, neither of them are fixed and I have no control over them. Will the male dogs still try to mate with my female dog even though she is spayed?
Of course,if they get horny enough they'll try to mate with your furniture, stuffed toys, and the gnome on your front lawn. Don't worry about it, maybe they're gay.
I wasn't aware that male dogs went into heat. Females however do and when they do go through heat they give off hormones.
Yes,,but some females are choosy.lol.
As has been said, males do not go into heat. They are always ready to mate, though.

If the dogs are humping, it is likely a dominance issue. As you say you have 'no control' over the dogs, they are shuffling for top position. Humping another dog is not always sexual.when a dog humps another dog, unless it is a male on a female in heat, it is simply a case of the humping dog telling the other that they are dominant over them.

Same goes if a dog humps a human's leg, they are saying they are dominant over the human.

I am assuming the other three dogs are not yours. Do the owners of these dogs have control over them? If they don't, you need to be careful with your own girl.dogs, like children, learn bad habits REAL quick!
Well - It's not like anything will happen even if they tried. I wouldn't be concerned.
male dogs don't go into heat. only female dogs do. 'going into heat' is the same thing as having your period, so only female dogs do this.

your male dogs might try to mate with your female dog, but they will be unsuccessful! the males can try as hard as they like to impregnante the female, but nothing's going to work because the female's uterus is gone, so she's not producing eggs anymore.
sure they will, they try to hump anything including your leg so why would they care.
Males don't go into heat.
I believe not because your spayed female dog will not be able to produce the hormones during the heat season. I think she will no interest at all and will be so faithful to you.
Male dogs don't go in heat. And, you might have a problem with them continuing to "hump" even after you had the males fixed.
You need a night course in doggie sex education.

HEAT - menstruation.

Male dog.Horny as a college boy.no HEAT for him. He's always HOT!

The purpose of hooking up with a female in heat is to make puppies.

If there is no chance of conception.the boy dog is not interested in a spayed female.unless she gives out her phone number to every basset hound at the "club".
male dogs dont go in heat. they constinly are trying to get the females going. but yes they do try to mate with them enen though they are spayed . so good luck
No they will not most of the time, and also male dogs never go into heat, just females.
My poodles vagina was sewn shut.
They may try to do so, but the fact that you have had her spayed means that she will not go into heat/estrus, so there's less chance thate male dogs in the household will be interested in her. I gather that you are not the owner of the male dogs in the household (although if you are, I highly recommend having them neutered); if you can exercise any sort of influence over their owner(s), then try to see that they are neutered. You'll have a far more peaceful household as a result.
dont worry be preg with dogs
female UN sterilized dogs may "go into heat". Male dogs are just "happy" all the time (if you know what iI mean)
male dogs don't go into heat, and the male dog still trys to mount a female dog if he is fixed he should if SHE is Fixed,,,,,
male dogs do not go into heat
Male dogs do not come into heat only female dogs come into heat. Yes, a male dog will sometimes still try to mate a female dog but cannot lock up with her if she has been fixed. Think of it as any animal , humans included, some men have a strong sex drive and some don't. The ones who do will mate anything. I have even seen canines try to mate with chickens, cats, ext.
Well try to keep the females and males separated until you decide to neutering the males, cause the males will probably try.
yes the deff will no matter what

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