My dog keeps licking her butt or biting her tail what does that mean?

She could have worms or fleas. Have her checked out by your vet and bring a stool sample with you.
It means she's a typical dog.
Anal sack needs to be expressed, worms,fleas,itchy.Go to your vet. It could be a number of things.
Sometimes dogs get impacted anal glands. Take her to the vet because anal glands can abscess. Some people add fiber to the dog's diet, such as pumpkin or sweet potato. But for now - take her to the vet.
it will be helpful if you give more data on age and breed.
It means she is just normal. That is what dogs do. Now if she would drag her butt she probally has worms. They do that.
Well, my dog chases after her own tail too (lol), but if she's licking her butt, she may be itchy or even sore. She may have worms or another ailment. Better have the dog checked by the DVM.
It could mean that your dog has fleas or worms, but I would say it's nothing to concern yourself with. Just to let you know that most dogs do that.
your dog could have an anal gland problem. I would take her to the vet immediately. That happened to my dog and it ruptured. Besides being a mess, she was in horrible pain and it got infected. Better safe than sorry...take her to the vet.
This could simply mean that she has fleas or ticks. A simple visit by your veterinarian is great and they will give you more specific advice on how to treat it.
it is probebly a simple case of fleas and worms, just go to your nearest pet shop and you can pick up some medicians to treat them both, it you havent done it befor all the instructions and amount you should give them, depending on age is included in the pack.A way to tell if she has feas is if you have any bite marks on you after stroking her,and you become very itchy, and if you check her poop after going you should beable to see the worms in her pheseas, if she does have worms,if after a few weeks of the treatment she is still licking her but and biting her tail then take her to the vets, but to be honest i dont think that there is much to worry about.
You need to watch and when she poops, put it in a plastic baggy and take it to your vet. You dog may have worms and if she does it is a very easy thing to cure.

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