Can pets get rabies from wild animals sharing a food dish?

I haven't had my dog vaccinated for rabies yet(I will soon though), and he is an outside dog. Recently I noticed that raccoons have been eating out of his food dish and was wondering what the likelihood of him getting rabies would be or if it is even transmittable through saliva? Thanks
Yes, it is possible for your dog to get rabies by drinking contaminated water. Rabies can be transmitted by the saliva of infected animals and can be contracted through ingestion. I have no idea how likely it is that these particular raccoons have rabies but I recommend keeping your dog inside until you can get it vaccinated.
None -- rabies is only transmitted from a bite that pierces the skin.
Be sure yours is vaxcinated by a kennel, or vet and you are cool. Be sure to keep his or her innoculations up to date
Yes. It is unlikely, but absolutely possible.

The disease would spread through a cut or sore in your animals mouth, not through ingestion.
It's more common from bites,a broken skin thing. rabid animals are not interested in eating. But get those shots as soon as possible.
Rabies is transmitted by saliva, so yes. Be sure your pets are properly vaccinated.
Yes, your dog can get rabies if he is bitten by an infected wild animal.
**WHY are you feeding COONS??
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It's not rabies you should worry about but COCCIDIA *&* GIARDIA *&* FLEAS & TICKS & WORMS & on & on! Besides the poor dog NOT getting his RATION!

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