My dog is constantly panting and cannot sit still. also shaking and seems to be in distress.?

You don't say how long this has been going on for?

If it's been 5 minutes, it could have been something you didn't hear startling the dog, my dog was ill-treated as a puppy and is still very nervy and trembles when she's scared.Try putting the dog's lead on and taking it out into the garden, or just leading it round the house to see if something has spooked it, you'll know it if that's the case, the dog will not want to go anywhere near the cause for concern.

If it's gone on for longer than 10 minutes and you can't find anything 'scary' in the vicinity, you need to get the dog to the vet as soon as possible. It could be heat stroke or worse.

Good luck.
They have excellent smell and hearing. Check for persistent sounds or strong smells (like perfume). If it doesn't stop go to a vet.
Sounds to me it's time to bring the dog into the vet to see what's going on.
I'd get the dog seen today.
panting is their substitute for perspiring that we do, so a lot of panting wouldn't concern me.

Not being able to sit still, along with shaking and apparent distress tells me it's time to take the dog to the vet, unless you can see something around you that would account for the dog's agitated state.
My dog pants and shakes when there are storms, motor bikes or garbage trucks around. I would see if there was something to bring on the distress, but if it is constant I would take him along to the vets to find out the problem.
Good luck.
Does the dog get a lot of exercise (at least a 40 minute walk)? Often, when dogs do not get the exercise they need they find other ways to try and release the energy that builds up throughout the day. Just imagine a kid sitting in school all day with no lunch break or recess. This is often in the form of problem behavior such as spinning, digging, excessive barking, etc.
go to the vet...

seems like your dog is feeling uneasy, there's something wrong with what he feels. go and have a vet check him right away...

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