My friends dog has heart worms, what should she do ?

My friends dog has had heart worms for about 4 years, the vet can't do anything. Now he is having problems breathing a little bit and coughing sometimes. He is still acting like he is happy and he still eats and drinks water and plays. What should I tell my friend to do ?
The Vet can't do anything because the friend has no money to pay for the TREATMENT?? There is/were four routes to have taken. 1.Treatment (kills in high quantities) 2.Put on Heartgard permanently ( kills the 'babies" so they don't reach adulthood, which takes about two years for them to die out.) 3. Euthanasia 4. let the dog suffer Tell your friend to do one of the four things mentioned above ( my husbands dog had heartworms before we met and I took him and had him treated, they were dangerously bad.the dog lived.I found a stray that had them bad! and she lived after the treatment and went on to have a puppy that's happy and healthy).Take the dog in to see another Vet, BEFORE it's too late..
Put it down!
It'll die.
find it hard to believe the dogs had heart worm for 4 years..they usually die very quickly from that.
Your friend's dog is dying. The vet who said that nothing can be done may be wrong or just doesn't want to treat an advanced heartworm infestation.

My dog had heartworms and was successfully treated.

Have your friend learn the symptoms of a dog's being in pain or discomfort and then be sure that the dog goes to the vet for euthansia when the time comes.
Heartworm death is very painful and the dog does not deserve that kind of treatment.
Give the dog the best possible life it can have till the dog is suffering. then it will be time to put the dog down. Sorry
she should take her dog to the vet to see what they can do about it. they will probably give her dog some kind of meds then take the worm out of the dog sometime in the future
your friends vet should be able to prescribe heartworm meds. take it to another vet in necessary.
The dog will die very soon. Tell your friend that it would be best to put him down when he seems to be getting unhappy. He is a goner. Good advice for your friend. Next time she gets a dog, get it checked for heartworms. That way, the dog can get his monthly pill if he has no heartworms and then won't develop them. That is terrible.
Our dog had heartworms and we thought he was ok but it got really bad. He starting having blood in his urine, he wouldn't even move to use the restroom, he would just use it on himself. The best thing to do is put him down, our vet later told us he was in a lot of pain during the last stages.
dogs usually die with heartworms, and rather quickly. It's hard to believe a dog could have heartworms for four years. If it is having problems breathing and is coughing and the vet says he can't do anything, better start planning a funeral for the dog. I'm afraid. Just don't let it suffer too long, that's not nice.
are you dumb, you should take it to a real vet not just one that you find anywhere. if they still cant do anything about it i would put it down and let it sleep forever out of its pain and missery. i know it is hard but it is the right thing to do.
Sorry, but it is BS. The Vet CAN HELP, it's called MEDICATION

Without it, heart worms are FATAL. Go back to the VET or go find a new one, NOW
There is medication to cure heartworm. Its a poison that kills the heartworms, and it makes the dog very sick, but they can recover and live long, happy lives, as long as you don't get the treatment too late. Maybe the vet can't treat it because its too late, I don't know, but I sure would check it out. Believe it or not, there are quack vets out there.
The vet can treat the dog so that answer don't fly. If the vet said that he isn't much of a vet. Coughing and breathing problems are signs that they are getting worse. Have him tested again and do what the vet says to do. IT CAN BE TREATED AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN A LONG TIME AGO.

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