My dog has been pooping out jelly like blood...?

I have been taking my dog out like normal, but he will not always poop, and he has been doing it in the house and it has been normal, but sometimes, especially the last 2 days, has had little blobs of jelly like blood. I have made him an appt to take to the vet, but does anyone out there have any ideas as to what it could be?
I have not changed his food, and no big changes have occured at home. He does not seem sick, he is still hyper and very active.

Take him to the vet now!!!
Never wait if he has bloody stool.
Like the others have said...

Take him to the vet immediately, a lot of vets have walk-in hours and I suggest you use them.
If you are feeding it table food that could be irritating the intestinal lining. there is also a great possibility it has parasites.

I know from experience , and I had a dog, every time she ate people food she would poop jelly like bloody blobs. Dog food is for dogs.
Your vet would be best to answer this.

It could be something as simple as a stick he chewed and ate part of that is causing an intestinal irritation (which they'll give you flagyl for), or it could be extremely serious. See if you can get him in sooner than your appointment (later this evening or when they open in the morning). Any time there is blood in the stools, don't hesitate! Vet immediately!
Call or take him to the vet now! Is he eating and drinking OK? Has he had his parvo shots? Has he been wormed recently? Don't wait.Don't me to scare you sweety, but could be very sick dog if you don't hurry. It maybe nothing,as we hope it is .
That is a sign of something being wrong, he could have something lodged. He could be showing begining signs of corona or parvo, he could have rignworm, tapeworm, internal bleeding. Could be none of the above, but it is something. And for 2 days?! Do not wait for a vet appoinment, take it to an emergancy animal clinic!
Go to the vet today!
I'm very glad you are taking him to the vet. It could be caused by a number of thing. My first thought is intestinal parasites. Or could have something stuck in it's bowel. Be sure to take a sample of the whole, uh, poop, to your vet, including the jelley like blob. He will examine it under a microscope to see if there are any unwanted critters in the poo or bacteria. Even though you have not changed his food, it could be food related. Best to have a food very low in grains or no grain at all. Grains tend to cause problems with allergies, the digestive tract and obesity.
And you havent left for the vets office yet? Blood coming out of any orifice is NEVER A GOOD THING. It could be anything from something lodged in the dogs intestine, to something they ate (like a piece of glass) to a parasite. Get the dog to the vet now!
I hope you explained the issues with the stool when you made your vet appointment. If not, call them back and they will likely tell you to bring him in to the office.

The stool symptoms absent additional behavior systoms are consistent with heavy worm infestation and also coccidia infestation--both of which get dramatically worse within a few days and cause the dog to become very lethargic. Your vet will want a stool culture, which you can provide by just scooping a small sample and putting it in an empty medicine bottle with a child proof cap. Take that to the vet before your appointment-today if possible. That way they can run the tests and administer the right medication when you come in for the appointment--or will call you with the results to just pick it up right away.

Right now, things may seem fine, but they will likely become suddenly very scary--so be sure to call your vet again.
I hope your appointment with the vet is no later than tomorrow. With these type of problems, it's important to catch them as soon as possible BEFORE your dog starts to seem generally ill.

Jelly like blood is usually a sign of problems with the lower (large) intestine.

u really see ur vet go with sniffydogs
Sounds like an internal parasite called giardia (sp.?). It is very contagious and people can get it also. The dog won't feel bad, just have really scary poops. If you have any other dogs, you might want to clean up the poops immediately and wash your hands each time. It can be cleared up quite easily, however, with a pill your vet will prescribe. My aussie had this a few months ago, from where, we will never know, but it cleared up fine.
DID THEY DO A PARVO TEST?!?!?! For god sakes get this dog to a doctor!!

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