What do you do if you sight a coyote?

I am pretty sure I saw a coyote in my neighbors yard while walking my 5 month yr. old puppy. Recently, attacks in other towns, just minutes away have been reported, and a few yrs. ago There were coyotes on my street. I want to know how i can protec myself and my puppy if one is in our yard!
stay inside and close the blinds and shades, and keep your puppy and everyone away from the windows or any open doors
you should probably call your neighbors and warn them too

if it comes near you, stay still or slowly move away
but do not run! especially with your puppy
Coyotes are cowards when they are alone. Make lots of noise, do not run away, and be confident and aggressive. Carry a sturdy walking stick with you, and do not back down. They very RARELY attack humans, unless they are in packs, or are starving and you are relatively small.
Carry an air horn like the ones you can get at Walmart in the sporting goods section. If you see a coyote, blast the horn in its direction, and the coyote will haul butt outta there.
Put up a gate or walk your dog outside on a leash. Just make sure he doesn't get anywhere NEAR those coyotes.
First. Keep your puppy INSIDE. Close any blinds and windows that are downstairs. Before dusk, clean up your backyard of any puppy toys. If you see one in your backyard start yelling, or blast music because for some reason they dont like the loud noise. Once it is gone, carry on.
Call animal control right away.
Do what she said!
Get an Daisy air gun and shoot it when you spot it. The guns are quite safe if you misaimed and hit someone. The cowardy cayote will be deterred to come back to your area.
call the fish and game or law enforcement the like to take care of that
Always supervise your puppy when you are out. Look outside before taking him/her outside. Most coyotes will not attack for no reason, but may see your pup as prey. And they are attacking because society has built into thier homes and have destroyed what they need to survive. They are doing what they need to do to survive. I would just be extra careful when you are out with your puppy and be aware of your surroundings. I believe you can find sprays that can be used to deter an attacking dog, look in your local pet shops. Although I'm not sure if it would work on a coyote. You could also maybe carry one of those loud canned fog horns. It may just be loud enough to scare it away.
R U N just kidding. the coyote wil be more scared of you then you are of him make a lot of noise he he will go away
Is there a person that you can report it to. Out in the area I live in the is a newspaper that my mother gets in the mail and they have in it a section and it is called Coyote siteing and the person has a number that people can call to report a siteing of a coyote. Call the Fish and Game and see if they know of some group that you can call to report an coyote.
well i have a boxer..which isnt really a scarry dog and i was fishing one time and he was with me and a coyote came up and my dog ran him off but i dont know much about how coyotes react in packs but im sure its totally different and im not sure where your from or if you live in town but in alot of places you can get a liscence to shoot them but make sure you talk it over with your neighbor...a 22 rifle or if your a good aim a 22 pistol will work fine and of course any gun bigger than a 22 but i wouldnt be 2 scared of coyotes they just get their killer name from wolves i know a little bit about them because theirs ALOT of them where i live and the only attacks ive ever heard of were on chickens
When you go walking, carry a big walking stick. Make sure it's strong and sturdy. If the coyote was to come too close, growling and barking, try swinging the stick and make some noise. Like getting the air horn. Just do not try putting your dog in front of you. I'm assuming your dog is a medium or large size breed. Well, just carry an air horn and a walking stick. It should help. Don't call the animal control or anything because it's humans fault that we built our homes on coyotes loved land. Also, if there is only one, don't be too afraid. If there are more, slowly walk away and try to hide somewhere. Maybe blow the horn once your hidden. Or try going into someone's house.
To protect your puppy..never leave it alone in your yard unsupervised..especially at night. Even if your yard is fenced..coyotes can clear a 6 ft. fence and will to get at your dog. While walking..a coyote is not going to approach you and your dog..they will usually try and avoid human contact whenever possible. They may be acclaimated to humans if they are roaming neighborhoods..but they are still not likely to approach a person. Keep in mind..YOU are in THEIR habitat and territory, not the other way around. We have built into their natural habitat and they have no where left to go as humans are now inhabiting their living space. I encounter coyotes on a daily basis (I work as a wildlife biologist) and they run from me. I have never had one approach me. I don't really have any protection .. sometimes I carry a stick but that is more for protection against people or if I run across a mountain lion.has never been an issue with coyotes. I am however a lot more weary of stray dogs on my study site as they are a lot more likely to attack me than a coyote is. You too can carry a stick when you walk your dog if this makes you feel protected. This can be good protection against loose dogs as well that may attack your puppy. Just be cautious when walking your dog..and do not let it out unsupervised and you should be okay. If your dog is a small breed it can never go out unsupervised, even when an adult. Larger breeds are much bigger than coyotes and outweigh them by quite a bit and coyotes do not bother them.
not much coyotes are more afraid of you then you are of them. so if you see them chances are they will run.. coyotes are a.k.a. cowerds . if you take your puppy out for a walk take large sticks with you or a bat. i have them walk up and down my street all the time. also they hop over fences so dont leave you dog out side at any time for a long time. good luck. hope i helped.
Best thing to do is to get in the house as quickly as you can with your pup and then call animal control and tell them. I used to be a nanny in a very upscale neighborhood. I took care of 3 little girls. There was this big open field in behimd their house. We were out in the back yard, the kids were playing and having a big time and this coyote comes loping along the perimeter of the yard. It watched us as he walked by but kept going. I called the animal control and told them about it. When I told my employer, she did not believe it, said oh it was just a dog. I have lived in the country most of my life and seen many coyotes and I know what they look like. We live far out in the country and practically in a forest. There are lots of trees all around and lots of wildlife. Thanfully we have a blue heeler mix that keeps them far away from our house.

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