How long does a dog's neutering wound take to heal?

He was neutered yesterday. I have him wearing a cone...the vet didnt say it was necessary but did say if he continually tried to lick the wound to use one. Of course, he Ive got him in a cone. Just wondering how long it took your dogs neutering wound to heal. thanks!
Not too the clinic where I work, we tell all clients to keep the satellite dish on for 10 days. Check the surgery site regularly and notify our vet if there is any swelling or infection :)
Our puppy was fine after 2 days, of course it wasn't completely healed but he didn't lick either. I believe after about a week he was fine.
How old? I have had pups as young as 8 weeks fixed...healed within a few late as 1 year and it took about 7-9 days...
It took my dog about two days and he was fine. He hated that cone, I am sure your dog does as well. Good luck
14 days.
A few days, the stitches should come out by the 10th day or so.
There should be no problem, but watch that the site isn't red or infected.

Most dogs leave it alone, but I had one puppy pull out the stitches (outside ones, the inside ones held) and had to have metal staples put in (just 3, it's a small cut). Never needed a cone, but I guess all dogs are different.
Mine were completely healed within 5 days and I kept the cone on them a few extra days just to be sure. One of my boys pulled a stitch out 3 days after he was netuered. Usually they are pretty much healed within 24 hours or so after surgery. Meaning they most likely won't split open the incision. The licking can, however, cause them to get an infection so I would keep that E-collar on him for at least 5 to 7 days.
Usually 2 weeks or so. You can try buying bitter apple training spray and applying it with your fingers around the would (don't put it directly on the incision; it'll burn). It tastes awful, so if he takes a lick at his incision and tastes it, it should make him leave it alone.

Also, they have a new kind of restraint collar, it's not a cone, just a wide collar that looks sort of like a human neck brace. You could try to find one, they're more comfortable than the cones and the dog can still see and manuever quite well.

There you go!
That's the kind of question you should ask your vet as to how many days it will be before you can remove the e-collar.
He will be fine in 7 days...

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