Why is my dog afraid of rain?

I have a 6 month old bichon frise/poodle mix. He is housetrained and never has accidents in the house unless it rains. I bring him outside and make him stand in the rain but he won't go potty. Then when I give up and take him back in the house - he'll go on the floor. I've tried using an umbrella to keep us out of the rain but that doesn't work. And I don't think he's afraid of the water because he lets us spray him with the hose. Anyone have any ideas or explainations?
My trainer had told me that they are not actually afraid of the water, but of the noise the rain makes when it hits the road, or the roof of a house, etc.
I have a bichon frise/pug and the same thing happens. This may sound silly, but I have bought him a coat to wear when it rains and he will usually go potty in the rain if he has it on. The tricky part was getting him used to wearing the little coat the first few times. Good luck.
I have a Golden Retriever who is petrified of rain. She refuses to pee, and will shake to the point were she fells like shes vibrating. We were recommended to use this thing called rescue remedy and just two drops in her mouth (smaller breeds I would just do one) and she is fine in five minuets, after using it for about a month she rarely freaks out from rain.
Another problem could be that your dog does not like the wet felling on his underside when he has to pee.try to make sure you walk him just before you think a storm may be coming. Every dog has its own reason why its petrified of something, just be patient, but I really suggest t he rescue remedy. Good Luck
If he thinks you dislike the rain and getting wet then he will dislike it too. Go out there in your rain coat and have fun with him. Let him know that a rainy day is no different than a sunny day and just as fun..
My husband has a 6 year old lab that does the same thing! She's always done it. My husband trained her really well. It used to be that if she were standing 30 yards or more away and whispered her name, she would come running and just sit at your feet and not move until you told her to. I used to take her on errands with me in the truck. I could tell her "sit" and when I came out of the store, she would be in the same spot as she was when I left her, even if it was 15 minutes or more. You could put a steak down in front of her and she would just sit and wait until you told her it was OK to eat. But she won't go to the bathroom on wet grass! And this dog is a hunting dog. He uses her for duck and goose hunting in cold water! Even if there is just dew on the ground! She'll walk all around the yard on the sidewalk, stopping every few feet to put a paw on the grass to test it. If it's damp, she keeps moving. If you wait about 20 minutes, and if she's desperate, she'll do it. If not she'll hold it. She won't go in the house. Good for us but bad for her. Sorry I don't really have an answer, but I just wanted to tell you you're not alone.
I heard that the noise of the rain is amplified for them and the sound hurts their ears.
All dogs have personalities so don't worry.

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