Can a female dog kill her puppies?

I have a friend who told me her female dog had her pups during the night or in the morning. She went out to the pen and didn't find any of her pups. She knows the dog dilivered. Can a mother kill and eat her pups? She lives in Texas. Maybe something got into the fence during the night.
All animals are capable of killing their young. The Human cases of this end up on the news. Mostly, canines are very nuturing and don't do this. If something got into the pen and killed them how very sad for the mother. She is looking for them to nuture. To nurse. She now has milk and no pups to nurse. That can lead to other problems. I guess people in Texas do things differently from those of us who live in houses where our dogs are a part of the family and not part of the livestock.
yea if u keep them starving
Yes, they can.
If the mother finds out that some of her pups aren't healthy at all, she may eat them. It comes from the wolf heritage.
something may have gotten them but a female dog will likely only eat her pups if they are dead already.
Yes, sometimes that happens. My dog Xena gave birth and one was stillborn and she ate that one.
Sometime a dog can tell best if she's able to care for the pups. If she lost too many nutrients or just didn't want to take care of them, she could have eaten them. It's ok though.
Yes they will, for various reasons. Also possible that something else got them.
Could have been either one.
A mother dog should be inside with her puppies - protected from predators.
The mother could have also eaten the puppies herself if she became frightened.
Dogs dont eat their puppies. Somthing prob ate the puppies.
Yeah, that can happen.

.Do people normally keep pregnant dogs outside? o_O Anyway, something COULD have gotten into the fence. It's hard to say. Next time your friend's dog decides to have puppies, make sure you tell her to keep it inside and take care of it.
Yes the mother can kill and eat her puppies.. If she feels that it is not safe for the puppies, she can kill them and eat them..

it has nothing to do with starving your dog.. it has to do with how secure her dog felt at the time she delivered.

She should have kept the dog indoors and watched mom and the babies.. Why would she leave them outside and then wonder if something came in to eat them?

the Mom was probably stressed and not secure in the situation..
the dog will kill her offspring is there is something wrong with them she can sence that almost right after she has them. she would have also eatin them if they died in the middle of the night.. the reason for this is becuase she doesnt want to be prayed apon. so killing and eating them will get rid of the sent that they give off that they are sick of dieing so no other amimal will come around

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