I own a pitbull puppy that wont stop whining?

i tried everything playing with her giving her attention she have food and water adjectives the time any suggestions?
Answers: Has she been outside lately? Maybe she's trying to put in the picture you that she needs to step potty.

Other than that I really don't know. You seem to own covered all the basis: food, water, play, love. Try only just sitting on the floor with her and seeing what she does. Does she crawl into your knees and stop whining? Maybe she's craving some love. Did you get her not long? She may be having a rugged time adjusting to go in the trial home and life short her littermates. She may be lonely or scared. If her whining does not subside, I would steal her to the vet, she may have a serious condition problem, and only your vet will truly be capable of help you after!

Good Luck! I hope she is 100% okay!
Your puppy is how old?

The puppy, when you are home, should be near you and having fun and getting exercise as much as possible. Are you crate training the puppy?

How aged?

I am fostering a now 8wo pit x pup who is categorically perfect. He is crate trained and we are working on housetraining regularly. He never whine at all.
Yup - pace her. Don't give her affection when she starts whining otherwise she'll mull over that behaviour is fitting. The walk allows her to be what she is...a dog. Make sure you 'lead' the way of walking too - she's not to sniff around or walk within front of you. Let her know that you are her pack leader & she have nothing to trepidation. Enjoy!

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