My dog follows me where ever I go?

I have a 2 year old cocker spaniel and he moves when I move. I am married and have three boys, but he only follows me. My husband wakes up before me and he will not come from under the bed until I move. I mean the slightest move and he just gets so excited. It really agravates me. I am not the only one to feed him and take him out. What should I do?
Please don't be aggravated at the devotion that your dog is displaying to you .You are a very lucky woman to have such a bonded pet ..

It is apparent that YOU not your husband is the dogs pack leader .. his whole world rises and falls with your doings an words ..
If his devotion bothers you , you might wish to attend doggie school with him .. so that you both can better understand each other ..
also read up on doggie pack mentality ..
Dont pay attention to it, then it should stop
For one thing you better be glad that your dog loves you. You never know, one day he might save your life. Why would you want him to stop? He just takes to you more than your husband. Just like my Pug, Sandy. She follows me everywhere and I'm glad she does. I mean, if you don't want him follow you and love you so much, why did you get him. Some people don't know how lucky to have a friend like your dog. Your dog will always be there for you, unlike your kids when they get mad and don't talk to you. You can yell at a dog and it still comes right back to you. You should be glad. Most people don't have family or pets to love them.
ooooo, he wuvs you!

he maybe got traumatized as a wee pup and mistakenly only thinks you can save and protect him.

or cause your near always home?

let him around all with you gone.
do this often for a month see if a change.
Your dog considers you the Alpha of the house. Even though other family members also feed and walk the dog, he considers you the leader. My female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the same with my husband, she follows him everywhere. It again is a pack instinct.
The dog has formed a strong bond with you which is a good thing, it means he will be a really loyal pet.

Try having the other members of your family spend more time with him, playing, petting, offering him treats. It may make him more comfortable with them so they will also form a bond
I think that is very sweet. the dog is very much attached to you and I think that is admirable.. you should be so lucky to have such a good friend(other than your hubby and kiddies, that is)
it loves u and think u are a nice master if this is annoying tell it is a total pain stop it u say that if u are a mean idiot and if u are a good person don't do it just stay away and it will get the message
That means that he recognizes you as his alpha. Your dog, domestic as it is, still retains wild instincts from his wolven ancestors. Packs do not simply bounce off in all directions, they move when the alpha moves, it's simply a matter of survival. Rather then see this as a curse, see it as a blessing since he will be inclined to listen to you. Also, either take your dog to a class or teach him obedience yourself, because a simple "sit-stay" or "down-stay", will make it seem like he's not even there.
i have seen this on the dog whisperer ur dog thinks ur his woman have ur partner hang out with the dog but with u beside him like a walk on the park but u dont hold the leash i can't tell u much cause i really dont remember anymore from the show hope this help
Well you have bonded with your dog. Either he wants you to protect him or he wants to protect you. You shouldnt be annoyed you should be happy that he loves you that much.

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