My dog is starting to go to the bathroom inside again!?

My puppy is turining 1 in a few days and i have found that he has gone to the bathroom 3 times already inside my house. this has happened over a three day period. My puppy hasn't gone to the bathroom inside for about 11 months, and I don't know why he has started now. What should i do and why is he doing this all of the sudden?
Is he peeing or pooping or both? If it makes you feel any better, my dog also had a period of regression where she would go in the house. Unfortunately, she was a lot younger when it happened a couple of times. Each time it was my own fault, because she wanted out, and I didn't let her out quick enough.

You need to get something like Nature's Miracle and let it soak in the areas where he's gone, because cleaning it with household cleaners may eliminate the odor to you, but not the dog. If he smells where he's gone before, he's more likely to do it again.
sumtimes they do it because they get boxer used to go to the bathroom on the floor after we would leave her home all day..the thing was she would wait to do it until after we got home to let it all out. .it was like she did it on purpose.then we started putting her in a cage.and she simply quit.i guess because no one really likes to sit in their own crap! so try that
Wow, and does it flush after it has been to the bathroom?
Is he/she fixed, as coming into season or even adolescence can cause this in an "whole" dog. If you are not going to be breeding, then best to get de-sexed. Could also be a medical issue - ie, an infection which is making it more difficult for the dog to hold on. might be an idea to talk to your vet.

If it is simply a behavioural issue, give the dog a night outside if it goes to the toilet inside - works wonders in correcting such bad habits.
U should use Boundary. Find it at a local store. It's a spray can, you spray it where you don't want your pet to poop and it won't.
i think dogs have a mind of there own and i think he might be doing it for attention

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