Is beef jerky bad for dogs??

I heard it was
If it's just straight jerky without spicy flavoring on it it's fine. Avoid anything processed, though.
It depends on how it was dried. Usually the ones already packaged for us humans have a ton of salt and other flavoring in them. They can really upset the dogs stomach and cause bad problems. So unless it is all natural and no preservatives then don't give it to your dog.
Yeah, too high in salt for one thing.. Generally people food, especially foods like that, aren't good for dogs.. Meat, fruit and veggies, are fine, but otherwise, stick with the well balanced quality kibble.
Typically too many additives/spices to be healthy for our animal companions. A bite wouldn't hurt, but they make jerky treats for dogs so best to feed him or her a treat designed for their nutritional needs and digestive system.
Beef jerky is cured and is very salty. It probably is not good for a dog, heck, it's really not good for humans. There are many many human foods that are not good for your pets. Grapes, onion, chocolate, alcohol (a lot of people give their dogs beer believe it or not) and many other things. It's best not to risk it.
It's too salty and spicey...their stomachs can have problems with it.
its okay. just don't feed it to he all the time. instead use it as a treat when he does something very good. just make sure not to give him the spiceys types or really salty ones.
yes it is because what happened is the beef jerky can get stuck in the throat and it may be hard to swallow for your dog. it is better to go to a pet store like pet smart to buy dog treats there. you should never feed your dog human food it really messes up there digestion system.
As a general rule, people food is for people and dog food is for dogs. They may love what you're eating, and it may not harm them right away, but over the long haul can cause your dog to be overweight, have digestive problems etc. Also, dogs systems do not generally do well with 'spicy' food. Remember, a dog is like having a permanent 3 year old. Just because they want something, doesn't mean they should have it and its your responsibility to know the difference! You and your pet will appreciate a long healthy life when cared for properly.
I have 2 German shepherds and 2 Huskies who love beef jerky! I buy them original beef jerky in soft strips. But the catch is I only give them a small taste for a treat, and the rest of the stick I put mixed in with their food for flavor. Because of the sodium it has, I don't use it everyday. What it does have is protein.
it depends... it the jerky has some kind of onion product in it then it is definitely bad as onion makes dogs sick. also, jerky usually has a lot of preservatives in it so i don't know whether that is ok for a dog to eat

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