Does a dog have too get stuck in order too get pregnant?

no - actually what's happening is the genetalia of the male dog swelling while it's inside the female. this is actually a measure that male dogs take in order to prevent other male dogs from copulating with the female right after him. the male dog's genetalia swells and sort of puts a cork on the female in order to ensure that his sperm is the only sperm that will fertilize the female's eggs. this swelling has become so adaptive that the two dogs (the male and female) don't even need to be around other males during copulation for this event to happen.

so this behavior is not necessary for the female to get pregnant, it's just a matter of the male being 100% sure that his sperm is the ONLY sperm that gets into the female.

In response to Lori who answered below, penile swelling has evolved through time to become a secondary characteristic to ejaculation (and is now seen in every mating where ejaculation occurs, however, swelling is not caused by ejaculation). It is not required for ejaculation itself - it simply a defense mechanism for sperm. It's called a copulatory plug or copulatory lock - look it up.

And yes, the female might get pregnant by other males after she has mated with her first male, it's just that the copulatory plug prevents males from mating with the female at that particular time. This may be because in many cases in other animals (particularly sicklid fish), a female will be about to mate with a male, but a different male will rush in quickly before the first male and quickly mate with the female.

Here, this is from wikipedia:
When the male achieves penetration, he will often hold tighter and thrust faster, and it is at this point when he is mating that his penis grows. Canine reproduction is different from human sexual intercourse, because human males become erect first, and then enter the female; canine males enter first, then swell and become erect.
No, not at all.

They almost always get stuck because they simply don't stop, that's all.
what do you mean get stuck but i think it does
no they do not that is just a saftey measure on the male's part.
Not necessarily, but I think it helps.
Well they can be artificially inseminated I suppose, but, like people, they don't get pregnant by holding hands or kissing.
Please get your dog fixed.
If by stuck you mean do the male and female have to achieve a 'tie', then, yes, they do need to get stuck.

A 'tie' is when the male has penetrated the female and is starting to ejaculate. His penis swells as he prepares to release sperm. And the dogs 'tie'. They are stuck together for 5 - 20 minutes, until the sperm is completely released.

If there is no tie, there is no ejaculation inside the female.

Contrary to an earlier answerer, a female might be impregnated by multiple dogs in one day, one after another. Each of them need to achieve a tie, though. As the female releases multiple eggs, each egg might be implanted by the sperm of different dogs. Thus, a stray female who has attracted many 'suitors' might have a litter of pups who obviously have different sires. (A female in a yard might also have a similar litter if there are more than one male around, but it is more common in a female who is running the streets.)
No they can conceive without a tie taking place. However having a tie increases the possibilities greatly because it prevents the semen from dripping out of the bitches vagina.
i'm pretty sure they do.i use to have huskies and we bred them with others.After getting stuck came the pups

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