How much does it cost for a regular check up for my new puppy?

i just got a collie/shepherd mix puppy how much will it cost to take her for a regular check up??
Shouldn't be more than about 35.- but pup will need series of vaccinations to be healthy and disease free.

If money is an issue, take him to a low cost spay/neuter clinic, they give all the vaccinations first - here it is Petvet. Call your local Humane Society or Animal Services for a reference to one, they should know.

Don't neglect this, you didn't get a puppy to neglect him or have him get sick, and, once his puppy shots and rabies vaccination are done, he won't need more than an annual booster, which is not expensive.

As to the people who said "save your money" for something important, why in the world are you on an animal site if you have such little empathy for them? Go to a mall and buy some more "things", don't get involved with living, feeling, entities if you have such a crass attitude.

We are here to help each other with our pets, because we love them and care about animals, if you just want to save money for "stuff", go shopping instead. The world is full of throw away animals, suffering and dying - because of people like you - sad, for them and you. You have a long way to go before you become fully human.
too much spend your money on something better. Like your future which should not include spending lots of money on an animal but maybe children you have or will have. or a house,car or even education.
Well you should call around sometimes vets do a free puppy check up if you keep coming for the rest of the visits. That is what I did before taking my pet in. But if you can't find a free puppy check up it's usually between 30-50 Dollars not including any shot and stuff.
You can call around to get different prices. Some vets offer a puppy package with shots and heartworm meds and flea and tick control all in one price.

It shouldn't cost over 50-70 dollars for the first visit.
All I know is our vet charges $45 to examine your pet. Prob. depends on the vet and where you live.
It really just depends. It shouldn't cost over $70. Call around to your local vets & see which one is the least expensive!

Cost can vary with area, what your puppy needs, and such,,
Puppies need inital, booster shots basic Parvo/distemper viruses , generally 3-4 every 3-4 weeks till over 16 weeks, a rabies, wormings, heartworm prevent, and sometimes depending on your area you may need lyme, and kennel cough vaccinations. Good ideal to call around and see,, but most of the time expect about $50 at least a visit.. because you may need the exam, but also the additional puppy shots, and suff.. although your pup should have had a intial exam(health certificate) and booster vaccination..

Puppies are expensive, initally.. because of the need of this routien every 3-4 week vet visit, and all the other stuff toys, treats, food crate training classes..
When your puppy is 6 months old you will also need to have he spayed.. It is a good idea now to set aside at leas $5-$10 a week for this, then the cost of this surgery is covered.. spay surgery can be expensive,, so budget for it now,,,

Overall most people spend on average $1000 a year for regular expenses for a dog,, this does not include major medical issues or additional cost of training,, and such.. but it is a good figure to budget for, there are now pet insurance companies that are of help.. But honesly if you where to put aside the money you spend on the insurance, keep a credit card JUST for the pets and any emergencies.. then overall the insurance is helpfull but owners can budget for big expenses.. and also have the benifit of earning intrest on that spare cash themselves,,
Sorry I cannot give you a excat figure for your puppies exam.. Because there are too many factors.. but by calling around you can price shop a bit,, and also find a vet you like and would like to set up a relationship with..


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