Why does my Chihuahua like to lick me constantly?

She will lick my hands, feet, to the point were I put here down cause I feel so slimy after a few minutes, she does it with anyone who pays her a lot of attention. Our male shitzu/chihuahua mix licks for a second and thats it.is it a female dog thing?
Chihuahua's do like to lick. Because they are smaller dogs, they have to have the sense of protection because everything is bigger than them. It could also be the naturally occuring salt on your skin. Dogs like that. I can definitely tell you that it's not "a female dog thing". All dogs like to lick; it's their way of showing affection.

If she continues, you need to be firm and tell her no. Telling her no, and pushing her head away will teach her that you don't want to be licked all the time.
well apart from loving you to bits I would say that its the salt in your skin that she is after.
Could be she is licking the salt off your body that results from sweat. My dog does that after I go running. Or maybe she thinks you need a bath and loves you so much she is willing to do it herself. Just a way of showing her love. :)
No, all dogs like to lick. Usually they lick each other's butt. It is a sign of extreme affection from a dog to be licked. And if they lick to lick you all over, that means they are protective of you.

Just grab your dog and give your dog lots of hugs and kisses until it squirms away each time she licks you too much. She will get the idea that licking you too much will be an annoyance for her and will cut down on the licking.

My dog is male and big. Sometimes when I am watching TV, he sits behind me and licks my head all over. Very annoying having a wet head from doggie slobber in the middle of the night!
Sorry I can't tell you why your dog licks. Wish I knew. I can tell you that it definitely isn't a "female dog thing". My thirteen year old MALE mini dachshund has had a licking problem all of his life.
He will even pull my socks off of my feet while I watch tv just to get to them and lick them. We have never been able to break him of this.
stop with the peanut butter. lol
She is trying to get you to lick her back. If you do that for a little while she will stop.
Sometimes it is from nervous energy. Maybe she likes to give lots of kisses too!
because you let her! the second she starts to lick you, tell her no and push her away. EWW! she wouldn't last ten minutes in my house without being chastised and put outside, away from anyone and You'd be told to wash too! how very unsanitary!
Your little friend has turned you into a human salt lick.
That judy_r8 must not know how much affection dogs can give. I can't believe she would put a dog outside for giving kisses. How ignorant, her animals must not be loved.
no it's not a female thing. I have a male chihuahua and he kisses me everywhere..in the face, toes, fingers. he is just loving you. Mine will also do that if I am the phone or something and not paying him enough attention.
I have a Chihuhua-Peekineese mix and she licks me all the time. Her tounge is small enough to fit right up our noses. We call her "The Booger Cleaner"! LOL. She's doing cus she loves us. I heard that smaller dogs lick more because they are more protective. If it bothers you, put her down when she does it. We do that when it gets intolerable. I will generally just let her lick my hand or arm til she gets bored. When she licks my face for 10 min, I can't take that. We assume my roommate is slatier than I am cus Lucy will lick him forever!

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