Can you get any diseases from putting hands in a fish tank?

Stupid question.can you get diseases from putting your hands in a fish tank (like when your cleaning or moving ornaments around...etc) My tanks DON'T have filters, they are 5 gal. and hold betta's (which aren't big fans of alot of current or water movement) and I frankly didn't want to hassle with filters anyway. I change the water every few days. I've been using gloves when I clean the tank...but that gets to be a pain after awhile. I've seen lots of people stick their hands right into a guessing it's ok???
Not a stupid question at all. Other are correct, generally speaking a healthy person has nothing to fear, but a cut or scratch on your hand could cause some concern if you think you have sick fish. There are several disease people can and do get from aquarium water. The following link explains them

I don't use gloves, but I do wash my hands afterwards.
Its fine, just make sure you wash your hands afterwards. There is bacteria in a fish tank that won't give you a disease, but has the possibility of making your stomach upset.
As long as you wash your hands before and after, you should not have any problems. In a life/death situation (such as a natural disaster) I would drink my fish water and do not see any forseable problems with it unless you do not do regular water changes or use a bunch of chemicals.
There are bacteria in the water that breaks down ammonia to nitrites and nitrites to nitrates but they should be mostly harmless. Just remember to wash your hands!
I seriously doubt a healthy adult with an uncompromised immune system could be at any risk of any communicable diseases. That said I wouldn't recommend cleaning your fish tank out, then going to eat finger food. Wash your hands after and you'll be fine. Definitely wash them if you are treating your fish with any medicines, especially containing copper or methylene blue. But you should wash them anyway so I guess it is resolved now!!
Its harmless.

You can get a local infection if you have a cut on your hand, which usually amounts to red puffiness of 0.5 cm around the cut and some stinging.

Other than that, the water is harmless to anyone without AIDS. Most of the microscopic organisms that would live with a fish can not harm humans at all.

Just wash your hands after your done in the tank / before you eat & you'll be fine.
I wouldn't worry about it. Just wash your hands BEFORE and afterwards, as other have mentioned. I've been doing it this way for 10+ yrs and haven't had any issues.
You normally can;t unless something is in the water and you have an open cut. but you can hurt your fish, because if you touch them it can take their slime coat off, and also the naturall oils on you hands can pollute their water. best bet is to take them out with a small net that can be bought at any pet supply store, and then put them in a holding jar with clean water that you have treated with chlor out or something of the sort, then when you are done cleaning you can stick them back in the tank
It all depends on whether you have an open cut in your hand and how toxic your aquarium water is. LOL.

But most of the time, if you do have any open-cut on your hands and you follow up by proper washing of your hand after removing your hand from the aquarium, you are safe..Else how can your fishes posibbily be living in that tank?


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