Why do turbo snails die within 24 hours when I put them in my marine fish tank?

Everything else is fine (my hermit crabs, my tang, angelfish, 2 clowns and a false gramma and some coral)...
It's possible that your hermit crabs are killing them. Without an ample supply of empty shells for the hermit crabs to move into as they grow they will prey on snails to steal their shell. Since they are dying so fast it sounds like something is hunting them. Hermits looking for a shell will kill a snail even if after they kill it they decide the shell isn't suitable for them.

If you add in some empty shells and notice the hermit crabs quickly scoping them out and moving into new shells this was most likely the cause.

Other possible causes are if you have copper in your tank or a variety of turbo from california that lives in colder water than most tropical salt water aquariums. Copper and temperature can kill them but not that quickly. Low calcium levels will also lead to their shells weakening and thinning causing death but again not within 24hrs.
I have to agree to an extent with the hermits however unless you see the crabs eating the snails and pulling them out of their shells, that isn't the case.

What is your water qualityreading? Are you actually buying Salt water turbos or fresh water turbos?

I had this happen twice. I wanted snails and went to a fish store that just got their order in and I bought the snails out of the supplier bags. I brought them home and they died within a couple of days. I was puzzled to say the least. here I found out the supplier was sending the snails as salt water when in fact they were fresh water. They will live in salt water for a few days but that is it.

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