Do Betta Fish get Lonely?

I have one male Betta in a five gallon tank. I have a lot of plants in there, like amazon swords and bambo. I dont have a heater, but the temp is always constant, we live in L.A., and it's warm here. I gave him a small terracotta pot, Petsmart said these were safe, to hide in and I feed him pellets, fish flakes and blood worms. I sometimes put mirror in front of him to stimulate him. I know I cant put other bettas in there, but I wonder if he gets lonely? Does he need more stimulation? Can a put an African Dwarf frog, or a shrimp or something to stimulate him , even though I have no filter(I thought the current was too strong for him so I took it out). Would it make a difference?
Betta's like to be enclosed in a smaller area with lots of hiding places. They don't like company and feel threatened if something else is in their territory. I'm pretty sure he would kill the frog or shrimp.
wouldn't matter. Fish have a memory of like 5 seconds.
Their lives are a mystery to me
As far as i know, they don't. You may want to check out this web site for more info on betta care.

>>> regarding the dwarf frog: yes, you can. got this info from that website!
Betta Fish Care: Compatibility.
You can add an African Dwarf Frog, but it will need to eat live food such as live Black Worms at least three times a week.
Great question i often wonder the same thing
I dont know about frogs but I think if you put a shrimp in there it would probably eat it I would suggest puting a female betta in but not just 1about 2-3 becouse the male will pick on the famale if their isnt more than1 but you will have to get a bigger tank try going to a pet store and asking what size you will need.
Since you have a lot of plants, you can put a female in there with him. He will build a bubble nest and try to mate with her and after he gets the eggs in the bubbles he will drive her away until the eggs hatch. 5 gallons is large enough for both the male and female. just put in another pot for her to hide in too.
DO NOT put in a mirror, he will think it is another male and get very angry. You can also put most other community type fish in there.
but a five gallon tank is kind of small for that.
Stick with 1 male and 1 female beta.
frogs would be bad, same with shrimp as the Betta will try to eat it. any small schooling fish will go just fine. such as neons and zebra danios. if you want bigger fish go for female platies or go for guppies. only place female fish, if somebody can tell for you, though some fish go either way. I work at PetSmart in the fish department and I have a male Betta with a small school of gold zebra danios so go have fun. JUST REMEMBER 1 inch of Fish PER gallon, add slowly and enjoy. As for the filter a small filter such as a TETRA Whisper internal for 5-10 gallons will work get, and you wont have to change the water as much. just a small change every couple of weeks not a full change
I felt bad for mine. lol. So i got another and put it in a bowl right next to eachother. They love it! They are always on that side facing eathother!.I now have 5 bettas all lined up.
Nope. Betta fish do not get lonely. They are not schooling fish. Those littlefrogs are pretty dirty, so you'd need to change the water a lot more often. Shrimp are very fun, but they are part of a bettas natural diet so I doubt they'd last long.
As far as a filter goes, try getting one that's not of the waterfall variety. They have filters that are basically sponges with a hole in the middle that you put an airline into, and hook it up to an airator (one of those bubble blower thingies). When the bubbles are blown into the middle of the sponge and push upward, it creates suction through the sponge which pulls water through it, effectively filtering the water with the sponge. It might sound complex, but it's really very basic.
As far as adding extra fish, you might be able to get away with adding one or two tiny little danios or tetras, but don't go overboard. That's a small tank and bettas are pretty decent sized fish already.
If you want to get a female betta, be careful. The males are very aggressive at mating. Typically when people breed bettas they put a female in the males tank just long enough to get the breeding done, and then remove the female so the male doesn't kill her. It's a pretty risky move keeping them together full time in such a tiny tank.
Just so no one argues about my previous statement.. Some people do keep male and female bettas together in one tank. The way the do it is the use larger tanks, at least 30 gallons or more. They also add a "harem" of female bettas, maybe 4 or 5 of them. That way he spreads the abuse out to all of the different females, and they have time to recuperate in between matings.
I hope this helped you!
Males are loners, and may not put up with any fish in their territories. I've found pnce a male has been in a small tank for months. He may never accept a tank mate.

Filters- Given everything you have in the tank. A filter would be okay. As long as he's got places get out of the current and rest.

Large tanks- Are great! Just because bettas can live in small container. Doesn't mean they like it. You'd survive in a closet too.

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