Does anyone think blue food coloring to tint my tank would hurt my fish?

It will not harm your fish, but why not use a blue background and blue gravel instead? It will give you the feel you want but without the additional chemical load in the tank.

Honestly, I don't know. I would guess however, That It wouldent be good for him. If the Chemicals Diddn't hurt him, He has a good chance of turning blue. o.o
NOBODY does that. Get a blue backdrop for it if you want, but nobody "tints" the water in their tank. And certainly not to the potential detriment of their fish.
Yeah! If you want blue, use a background. Otherwise, don't taint the water.
buy some cheap fishes and give it a go. lol
My guesses is that it will probibly be a horrific death for the fish and it would probibly dye all the gravel,rocks,plants, and whatever else you have in your tank, IF you want your water to appear to be different colors get a light bulb in whatever color you want you can get many different colored lights and change them out much easier than changing all your water and have a diferent color (and killing your fish). Or get a blue background for the tank, Or you could paint the back (OUTSIDE OF THE TANK) of course.

As i said do NOT add any sort of dye to the fish tank, No matter what a pet shop tells you or that anyone really tells you. Its animal abuse.

~ GG
wow thats a good question.Its not harmful to humans but it may have something in it that could contaminate the water,,I wouldnt use it.dont pet stores sell something to tint the water?
as long as it is food coloring no it should not hurt your fish.
If you want a blue tank, then I'd suggest using blue rock and a blue background, but don't tint the water. After all, would you want dye in the water coming out of the faucet?
McCormick food colouring's website says "Color the water in a fish tank. Adding a few drops of McCormick Food Coloring will make a colorful environment without harming the fish." but I'm inclined to say no - adding food colouring to your tank could quite easily poison your fish.

Why not try putting a blue backing onto the rear of the tank, or hooking up a lighting system with those cool blue LEDs?
It's entirely possible. I wouldn't try it. If you want your water to be blue and your fish to be safe, why don't you get some of those oxygen tablets that are used for shipping fish. Lots of them have methylene blue in them as an additive to boost the fish's immune system and prevent illness and infections during transit. This will turn your water blue and actually be good for the fish.
It will not hurt the fish in any way. All coloring is is water, and pigment. There are no chemicals. As said before though, a backdrop would be much nicer looking than some fake, blue water.

Please be kind to animals. Leave them as it is. Let's not be selfish . How would you like it if your eyes become tinted?
Seeing your world only in blue? I don,t think food coloring
would hurt the fish.
Food coloring isn't toxic to humans, but then neither is a jigger of vodka, but a jigger of vodka is deadly to fish. Other issues to consider: your filter is going to remove all coloring in probably one day or less, so you'd need to keep adding it every day. Food coloring dyes our fingers when we get in on our skin, so you are taking the chance of dying your fish too and again, there is the toxicity issue. Water isn't naturally blue. Personally, I have to say that you should be happy with a naturally clear water and a natural aquatic environment and not take chances with the lives of your fish who have no say in the matter and rely on you to survive.
If you want your water to be different colors you should just get a blue backdrop ir gravel like other have already stated. Or even better you can get blue lights or any color light you want. Change the different bulbs whenever you get bored with one color and you can have any color you want with out having to change all the water. Light bulbs can come in many different colors so why take the chance with putting blue coloring in your water.
depends on what kind of coloring your gonna be cause of differant chemicals and stuff in the dyes
Hi Pat, despite what some people have answered, what some irresponsible web sites say, the general understanding that food dye is non-toxic & the idea that it may be 'fun' I can assure you it will be no fun at all for the poor fish who at the very least will get mildly disorientated by their entire environment changing colour-I consider it an insult to treat animals this way.

It has been said that the level of a society's civilisation is measured by the way it treats it's animals so I guess we're not even in the Stone Age yet.
Nah. It may make them a little afraid though. Or surprized.
I don't recommend tinting fish water. If the blue background and/or blue gravel solution isn't colorful enough for you, try putting blue film over the outside of the glass. You can use food film (it comes in colors) or you can use transparent acetate from an art store, or a piece of blue plexigas.
Your fish won't show up as well and it truly may be harmful to them. The question is, is is worth it?
Are yo uout of your mind??? You can't put anything like that in your fish tank. It is ok for humans comsume food coloring, but the fish would be living and swimming in it every day. Even if you wanted to clean it out after a few days or weeks, you couldn't. You would have to do a complete water change, clean all the rocks, and every thing else in the tank that would probably kill the fish.
i personally wouldnt because you dont know exactly whats in the dye just because its suitable for human consumption does not mean its safe for fish

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