Can i put any kind of fish in with a beta?

i have a beta and i am just wondering if i can put any other kind of fish in with them because i know that they are fighting fish, or what about an algie eater?
Bearing in mind your tank size, here is the list of betta compatible tankmates from TimsTropicals which is the most frequently referred to site for FW fish compatibility.

Search Results: The Betta (Siamese Fighting) should be kept in groups of a maximum of 1 and is compatible with Bala Shark, Corydoras Catfish, Glass Catfish, GloFish, Molly, Pearl Gourami, Platy, Rainbow Shark, Red Tailed Shark, Swordtail, Three Spot Gourami, Upsidedown Catfish, Zebra Danio,

Besides fish, a snail, an African dwarf frog can be kept with bettas.

I have one in a tank with blue gouramis and one in a tank with golden danios and sunset and tuxedo platys right well as the loner. He'll be getting a froggie room mate shortly :)
i definetly don't recommend that. beta fish will attack them and [most likely] consume them eventually. my beta did that.

get a new tank or whatever you're keeping them in. but the beta fish should live alone.
nothing bigger, nothing aggressive, nothing colorful, nothing with large or flowing fins, nothing prettier....probab... not an algae eater, I suggest one of the following:
1) a few danios (zebra or pearl)
2) dwarf african frog
3) snail
remember one inch of fish per one gallon of tank and research anything before buying-if not sure ask the fish department manager at the pet store, they'll help
I have a beta 2.
I found out that the only other aquatic animal that gets along with a Beta is the Ghost shrimp.
They also will get along with African Dwarf Frogs,Bala Shark, Corydoras Catfish, Glass Catfish, GloFish, Molly, Pearl Gourami, Platy, Rainbow Shark, Red Tailed Shark, Swordtail, Three Spot Gourami, Upsidedown Catfish, Zebra Danio,

I have 4 ghost shrimp in my beta tank and a(an) African Dwarf Frog.
They live in a(an) 10-Gallon Tank.
my betta is in a big tank with guppies, tetras, pleckies and catfish.
hes even good with my bigger guppy fry.
they only fight with other males
I just bought a beta for my son and the lady at the pet store said that we could have goldfish and a cleaner fish. Well, the beta attacked and killed them all.
With my betta I have some neon tetra/black tetra and a bottom feeder...not algie eater but bottom feeder because betta like a higher PH level then most fish (7.0 - 7.5) you don't want to put fish like silver dollars in because they are fin nippers, you also don't want to put any fish that like to be the boss because figting fish (betta) are very aggressive and like to be boss.
My mother has a Fancy gold fish in with hers and says it's fine with it but I know people that say it's a bad Idea. is really awsome for these kind of questions also.
yes you can put other fish in the tank with betas but watch out for fin nippers suck as tetras or barbs. because most betas are peaceful fish(except with other males) they wont protect themselves
don t listen to michelle you can put females withn other females of the same size!@!and u can put many other fish in acommunity tank! u CANNOT PUT A MALE WITH A MALE male +male =masscre go to ur local pet store fing but all the fish need at least a 10gallon tank for diffrent kinds of fish plants and FEMALE bettas,so betta are the only fish that could live in a bowl not even GOLDFISH really! IF U DONT BELEIVE ME ASK UR LOCAL PET STORE (FISH SPECIALIST) IMPLOYES,,MAKE SURE THE FISH WITH THE BETTAS IN the comunity thank are bigger than guppies or they will see them as a food source!!!
I have 13 bettas, many of them have tankmates like Zebra Danios, Harlequin Rasboras, Black Neons, Cory cats, Ghost Shrimp, Cherry Shrimp, Guppies.

For algae control I use Nerite Snails, they have a defensive cover that protects them from a curious or agressive betta.

If your betta is in a bowl or unfiltered tank you can not keep anything with it, everything else but the betta will die in an unfiltered tank.
you can put any type of freshwater fish in with the betta as long it's not a gourami or any fish with flashy fins like guppies. A plecostomus would do fine as an algae eater .

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