Why do my Goldfish pick up stones & spit them out again?

Answers: They are trying to eat the food sour of the rocks. Remember, they eat from the bottom of the container
They build hiding places there or adjust to lay eggs
Uh...because fish are stupid...they enjoy a brain the size of a grain of rice...
They are cleaning their cistern by eating the rabble on the little stones.
they think it is food
They usually do that when grazing the gravel for any uneaten food
I don't know, perchance they think its food and later when they realize its not, they spit it out.

Goldfish are dumb, disgusting fish!
cos they have bits of food and sh*t that they resembling to eat around them
They suck past its sell-by date any tasty algae. This algae can also be made up fomr rotting fish food not consumed so they recycle it - Its majority...
fish do this to suck off food particle, or alge that has formed on the stone.
OMG, never thought of asking that query, well done you! Will save an eye on the answers, as i've often wondered that to.
lol I entranced by mine yesterday and I be wondering the same item.
I always seem to be in matching corner of the tank beside mine too.
cleaning algae (the green blanket of fuzz over everything)of them and have a bit snack too.
Algae rests on the stones so the fish take the stones into their mouth to guzzle the algae.
They are feeding rotten them, any leftovers plus the mess they generate in the sea, falls to the bottom and they then suck it up!
your fish is probably looking for food and since after a while it's food go to the bottom it lands on the rocks
Sucking the algae off them.
The fish are ingestion the food that has sunk to the bottom of the container and attached itself to the stones. They aren't playing with the stones, they are with intent picking up each on, sucking bad the food and spitting it out...If you willl watch them for a while, you will spy that they seldom pick the same one up twice. If you don't nurture too often, they wil, when hungry, hold their bowl cleaner by doing that and you won't have to verbs it as often.
HI JA, This is a inherent practice at least of Carp/Goldfish although I believe masses others do it as well. They are constantly foraging thought the silt on the bed of rivers & canals grubbing for anything tasty-plants, molluscs etc, even algae which they suck rotten the stones & natural instinct funds they carry this practice on within our tanks. This is why with the sole purpose tiny 3mm round gravel, sand or river rocks should be used in tank as the pea sized irregular rough gravel can get stuck within their mouths & cause choking.

On a related record I have observed Clown Loaches digging holes contained by the gravel one piece at a time very sensibly & methodically removing stones from one place & just as in moderation building mounds with them within a another. As I know nothing going on for these type fish I will not offer an explanation although I don't focus they didn't appear to be foraging!
If you found stones in your food, wouldn't you spit them out?
Because they are bored.

What would you do adjectives day if you be expected to sit in a small room, beside gravel at the bottom and a glass exterior... I expect I'd start throwing/ spitting stones too!
Mine does the same. As above answered, they are drinking the food that is on the rocks, because goldfish other think they are hungry. Just hold on to an eye on them, one day, my one fancy goldfish have a rock stuck in his mouth. My b/f have to pick it out of his mouth with a toothpick.
It solitary thinks its done it once.thought it be a mint imperial,picked it up,thought,ugh,dont like them sweeties,and spat it vertebrae out.he just keep forgetting about it.
they may regard its food
they are looking for algea...or they could be in the mate state..and hoping for a mate
Just looking for any lost bits of food that may be in between the stones, my goldfish usually spits stones at the chalice to get attention when he wishes feed as very well...
they do this to clean them.
probably looking for fish food that have fallen to the bottom of the container. or maybe a short time ago for something to do... do you have anything else within your aquarium for them to swim around like a hollow tube{ similar to a log or sunken ship} plants ect... they may be bored

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