How long should i actually wait before putting new fish in a new tank?

I have an aquarium thats been sitting for awhile and i decided to go ahead and buy some new fish but i know i need to wait a few days to let the tank get adjusted,but exactly how soon is to soon to add the fish?
We set up our 40 gallon tank, put in something to get rid of the chlorine, let it sit for about 24 hours, then added 5 zebra danios. After a week and a half, we added 5 serpae tetras. We waited two more weeks and then added a dwarf gourami, then two weeks later an opaline gourami, a gold gourami, and a flame gourami. It's been four weeks since we added the last fish, and we haven't lost a single fish, and our water levels (which we get tested regularly at the pet store) are great! We have an ammonia sensor in our tank, and the ammonia rose a little bit in the beginning, we changed about 40% of the water, and then let the bacteria do their job. We've had no problems at all!
Just leave the bag that contains the fish in the tank for about 24 hours, Asker.
just a week thats it say like u jus got fish 2 day you wud have 2 wait till next monday 2 put them in i got 11 big gold fish 4 small cold water fish n a blue lobster this thursday im guna buy a new lobster for my other 1 n bout maybe 5 more small fish haha u dont leave a poor fish in bag for 24 hours u leave it in the tank in the bag for 15 mins
The tank has to cycle at least 2 weeks. Actually, since it's a new tank I would put goldfish in there or something cheap to help the tank cycle faster.

If you have already bought fish, you can't leave them in the bag for any length of time. Let the bags float in the water for 20 minutes and then scoop them out and put them in the tank. Never dump the fish store water into your tank. They have all kinds of germs in their water.

I would not expect these new fish to live unless you tank has been set up at least two weeks.
24 hours. the water in the tank has to be filtered all through. if it's been a while then you can add the fish. only add cheap ones to start the cycle then after a week (if the fish didn't survive the week then do all of the steps again) add the fish you wish to raise.
As soon as the tank is adjusted to temperautre and you know that everything is working correctly you are ready to cycle your tank and make it ready for fish. You can cycle your tank either of two ways, with fish or without. Without is faster and much safer for the fish in the long run.

To cycle your tank without fish you will need to add something that will cause ammonia in the tank just like fish do. The easiest thing to add is some fish food. One or two large pinches of fiish each day for 2-3 days will get the job done. After a week you will need to start testing the water for ammonia. It will go up and then a week or so later begin to drop. Once it gets back to 0 for a few days, your tank is ready for fish. Just do a 25% water change and siphon out any remaining bits of food and add your fish.

If you add fish before the tank cycles, they will be at great risk due to the ammonia build up and you very well may lose some fish in the process.

If you need additional information on cycling your tank, please feel free to email me.

The major concern with fish is the temperture and clorine in the water. The old rule is to let the water set for at least 24 hrs before putting the fish in.
This may vary depending on where you get your water from.
Since you are dealing with something alive its better to play it safe.
Let the tank filter run while the water sitting overnight.
If you already bought the fish you should put them in a container filled with the water they came in and put an air hose in there for them.
They will need the oxigen if they have to wait 24 hrs.
Keep fish close to tank so the water temperture will be the same in both containers.
Temperture shock can stun or even kill a fish.
Normally fish are sat in the tank for a half a hour inside the plastic bag they came in to equalize the temperture to avoid temperture shock before releasing them.
Hope this helps.
After your tank is fully cycled then you can add fish in. Be sure to fully acclimate them before dumping them in. Float their bag for about 15 minutes and then every ten minutes or so put some of the tank water into the bag. After the bag gets full, you can dump the fish in.
All you need to do is put 4 drops of stress coat and then put the fish in the tank
Let the tank run with the filter on 1-2 weeks before adding any fish. I suggest a hardy fish such as danios, they help "cycle" a new aquarium.

Here is a Pet Fish Talk Show you can listen to on your computer. It is titled "How To Set Up Your New Aquarium"

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