What Can I Do To Help My Betta Fish He Isn't Doing Good?

How long does a betta fish live? I have one that I have had for one year I have always had him in a fish bowl not a small tank with a pump the past week he looks like he isn't going to make it. He has been sitting at the bottom of the tank now he has his eyes closed some but still goes up to the top for air. What should I do? ShoudI go to walmart and buy a small fish pump for the bowl or buy a small tank with a pump? I just feel like I am to blame.
well, sorry ot say but fish don't last very long so there is really no way to keep them healthy. one thing u might be able to do is clean the tank a lot so they fish can keep clean!!
This is hard to say, but flush him and buy a new one for 50cents.
Have you been cleaning his bowl? and have you been feeding him 2 to four peices of food twice a day?
I have a beta fish that has been living for 2 and a half years. They usulally only live for 2 years and mine is doing pretty good
dont put a pump just clean the cage
My betta fish lived for three years. I kept him in a desktop fish aquarium with a pump and he loved it. I wouldnt change his enviorment now, beacause it may stress him out, but the air pump might help. just add one to his bowl. Also there is medicine you can get at the pet store for thier water. ask someone there to help you first before you buy anything.
They don't last that long, just see what happens, and if he dies, then have a little toilet ceremony for him (I did it for all my betta's, Ora, Ida, Spud and Tatter) and go buy another one.
Do you have him sitting in a space that no one see's him? They love attention. I had a Betta that would not eat, unless I feed the food to him off the tip of a wet finger with food on it. I had to keep his bowl around where there was people coming up to him all the time and talking to him.
Go buy a water test kit and make sure all of the levels of minerals and pH are correct. If they aren't, do a water change and make sure that everything is nice and clean.
If he is going to the top for air, it is possible that an aeration device could help--you could buy a small air stone that would help oxygenate the water.
Small bowls aren't really the best for fish, as there isn't a chance for the water to circulate--you need to do more frequent water changes.
Hurry and take a sample of the water and take it to Petco, they do it for free! They can tell if the water needs something. Beta fish don't need an air pump. It's probably in shock from something. I know "tetra's water tempature needs to be around 75 to 82 degrees but not beta's. Please take a sample of the water to PETCO. Walmart's fish SUCK! We had too many die so we went to petco and our Tetra has lived 2 yrs 3 months.

Good luck!
its a fish. all you can do is change the water drop in a tablet to take out the chlorine and feed it .i don't think taking it to the vet going to do anything. I know he she is your friend,but don't go out and waste a lot of money if you don't have to. if he dies's <god rest his her sole>if fish have one.and buy another fish
My betta is almost six years old and doing great! I have him in a large vase with a Peace Lilly (roots in the water, the top of plant above water. I have a straw wedged in the plant roots and feed him through the straw, just a few betta food pellets once a week. I don’t change his water very often and I do not have a pump. I use bottle drinking water when I do change his water. He sits on my bathroom sink, sometimes I open the shutters and he gets lots of light, other days he gets little natural light. Doesn’t seem to bother him either way…by the way, I named him Ricky Martin, as he really shakes his bon bon.
Okay.I have had bettas for while and I have researched them extensively and experiented with various products to see what works best. Ready?
1. Bettas do not need an air pump or air stone. They breath from the air because they are labyrinth fish. An airstone can actually do more damage than good.
2. A filter can be benefical as long it is not turned on to high and it does not hamper the bettas swimming.
3. If you are changing his water regularly then it is probably not the water but I would test it anyway.
4. He may have a bacterial infection.
5. To treat a bacterial infection
I. Do a 100% water change
II. Go and buy a fish antibiotic. I use tetracycline with very
positive results.
III. Treat the fish according to the instructions given by
the manufacter.
IV. Offer food every day several times a day. This will
keep his energy up. And don't worry; if your betta is
well fed he can last a while if he refuses to eat. I
used long tweezers when my betta was sick to tap
the food against his mouth.
V. Continue treatment until he is well again. And do not
Give up on him! Fish can come back from the brink
of death.
Lastly, umm bettas can't close their eyes. They have no eye lids. Offer him a variety of foods. Do not give live foods or frozen live foods unless you raised them yourself as the can harbor harmful bacteria. I feed mine pellets, freeze dried blood worms, and very occasionally peas. Good luck with your finned friend!
Swimbladder is a disease which symptoms cause fish to become unable to swim correctly, your fish may exibit swimming toward the bottom of your tank or bowl, then floating back up, swimming in circles or laying or floating on his side..
There are three main things according to the posts and articles I've read that can lead to swimbladder disease.
Constipation due to overfeeding
Bad water quality
First, as soon as you notice signs of swimbladder do a complete water change, taking care not to stress the fish by having the water temp as close to his bowl as possible.
After your water change you should not feed your fish any food for two days. On the third day feed your fish a fresh pea. Frozen peas thawed, popped out of the skin, and cut into bite size pieces. And then do another water change so that any uneaten peas do not contaminate your water.
If you don't use aquarium salt this is a good addition to most tanks. The recommended dose is one teaspoon per gallon, or one tablespoon per five gallons. If you have never added salt and you are unsure; you may want to first acclimate him at only 1/2 tsp per gallon.
bettas are used to the warm waters of southeast Asia (upper 70s and low 80s) a fish bowl has a really hard time maintaining that temp. also fish bowls gather waste quickly. A larger tank dilutes the waste better and holds heat better. bettas do not need air pumps because their labyrinth organ allows them to breathe surface air, but i would say it is the small confines of his holding cell that have gotten him down.

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