Can Molly's Eat Vegetable Like Lettuce!?

THank you
Yes, also carrots.
You may be better off using cooked frozen spinach - it's softer and easier to digest than lettuce. If you're going to use lettuce, make sure you blanch it first. They'll also eat blanched zucchini, squash, and other softer vegetables. If you're feeling really adventurous, take a thin slice of orange and put it in there - but only keep it in for a couple of hours (you don't want the acidity to mess with pH levels, especially if your tank is small). For the most part you can keep vegetables in the tank for up to two days.
yes they can also eat samll small peices of apple or cucumber
Yes they can eat lettuce, cucumber, mine also eat ham!! They won't touch it for a couple of days though, but thats fine as it won't do anything to your water. You don't need to cut it up, just put a leaf of lettuce, or a chunk of cucumber in.

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