My goldfish keep pushing and following my other goldfish?

Answers: my new couple of goldies do the same! As mine are individual little (just over an inch long) they're not mature plenty to mate successfully. The moor keeps poking his frontage under the slimmer calico and pushing her round the container... i was worried almost exhaustion but they appear pretty happy, in a minute Saruman has given up the chase and Artemis can relax again!!

I picture your pair are courting, but if close to mine they are still juvenile they are unlikely to spawn/produce fry, until they 8mths to 2yrs. Goldfish are pretty sociable, they are curious and not at all aggressive. You might see white markings on the gills and fins of the 'pusher fish' indicating he is mannish... fish are notoriously difficult to sex though.

Good luck next to your fishies - I could happily scrutinize mine allday, I just yearning they'd grow a little more :D
That be not a question, but listen he is a leading bully!
Looks like it's time for some suitable ole' fish n' chips!
Maybe it fancies the other one??
he desires to TAP DAT
Could be a girl and a boy fish. Maybe he wants for a moment romance!
Perhaps he is lost
those goldfish are fighting, they are not contained by love

Separate the gold fish for sure
It nouns,s like road ferociousness to me. Call a cop.
This happens repeatedly and it's either because the container isn't big enough so they don't own enough room (they want more than you might think even though they're moderately small), or was one introduced to the container after the other? You have to do this immensely carefully and unhurriedly or one will turn and bully the other until it dies. Now this has started already it would be best to only separate them.
Males do this to females to get them to release their eggs. The feminine could die from this. You need to obtain her in a plastic utilty picnic basket for a day or so, so she won't acquire too stressed from the chasing. The basket floats and keep them separated without an second tank.
looks approaching its mating season
Sounds approaching u have a bit girl and boy fish, they may be in love and soon u may see the fish that get chased will get cooking oil as she carries her eggs.
i am merely guessing, does the fish thast chasesn keep nudge the other ones side and does it rub itserlf on the other fish, if so they are definetly in love.

jimmy from Essex disabled scottish bloke
HE is courting HER! Fry soon will follow.
it's a boy/girl thing!
nouns like they are contained by love or maybe the fish is a bully? Either or
possibly the fish is a bully !!
or its the mating season!!

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