Can i put any other fish with my female betta?

Can I keep other fish with my Bettas?

Well the answer is complicated, a nice big maybe

1st lets see what you have;
a 5g tank or larger 10-20g being ideal?
1 betta male or female?
A desire to have an amazing home for your betta and other fish?

The tank:
The tank itself should contain 1 or more caves as space allows, plenty of plants, fabric or real. A smooth substrate, fine gravel or sand. A Filter, light and a heater. The filter should be adjusted so the water current is minimal.

I have bettas in various community tanks. I have had only 1 that was not going to be friends with his tank mates and so he lives alone.

So the list of critters I have with my bettas;
Danios, Rasboras, Black Neon tetras, wild guppies, African dwarf frogs, Cherry Shrimp*, Ghost Shrimp*, Cory cats, Zebra loaches.

Things I would never keep in with a betta;
Gouramis, Angelfish, goldfish, most tetras, tiger barbs, cichlids, crabs or crayfish, anything bigger than a betta, anything thats a fin nipper.

Always research any fish before putting it in your aquarium.

In my experience you need to watch the other fish for picking on the betta than the betta picking on the other fish.

When introducing new fish to a bettas tank, let them float for about a half hour, long enough for the betta to investigate them and get bored. Bettas are very curious and will follow and examine new tank mates very closely. Try checking your bettas fish aggression with a colorful and very fast male wild(feeder) guppy, if he kills it you know he is not suitable for a community tank. Odds are he will play chase with it and never actually hurt it. Out of the many bettas I have owned only 1 killed the guppy, she was very determined.

The next thing you need is a backup tank, all prepped and ready to be home. Be ready to move the betta to it if things go bad. Sometimes bettas will just let other fish bully them, sad but true. Remove betta immediately if this happens to him or he could be bullied to death. It is easier to catch and move a betta than other fish.

Remember each betta will react differently to tank mates. Be observant and careful and things will go your way. The larger the tank the less likely your betta will go ballistic on his new friends.

Also remember that no matter how big your tank is, do not place 2 male bettas in it or keep a male with females.

So now that your an educated betta keeper, when people tell you that bettas kill any other fish you can laugh in their faces and tell them they are full of betta myth BS.

Heres some vids of my 20g tank with Vash the Betta

*Some bettas see shrimp as dinner and will eat them, same for snails. Female Bettas often eat snails.
No. I tried that once when I was little and didn't know much about betas. My beta ate the other fish, every thing but the tail. It's not a good idea.
no! Beta fish live by them self. if you put another fish in with them it will kill it.
no other fish can be in the same tank as a betta they are born fighters
Bettas have different personalities. People really never think they do but I have had some that were just fine in 10 gallon aquariums with other small fish or corydora catfish, and they would be happy. Others would hide in a corner and act almost sick when they had other tankmates. The minute I would place them back in a tank that had no other fish they would totally change back to their old self and act more happy. I think it just depends on their individual personality. As for possible tankmates, you could try any really small fish such as livebeares of maybe even neon tetras. You just can't put very many and you might not have success adding any if your betta is a bit shy. Just don't do as some pet stores suggest and put a snail in there. They will only pollute your water.

~ GG
I wouldn't. I always kept my betta's isolated. I gave them larger aquariums and plenty of space to roam. They lived a long time when I would do that and I even had one who would eat from my hand and allow me to pet him. They are probably one of the best pets you can have as long as you keep in mind that their natural instinct is to fight other fish.
Buy a tank where you can seperate two sides of the tank but yes dont put htem together
Betta's are OK to put in the tank with other community fish. How ever if you have any aggressive fish the betta will fight with them.

do not put 2 bettas together in the same tank they will fight to the death.
oh my hahahahahahaha i did that once i was little and it ate the other betta. then i put a goldfish in and it ate the goldfish. i advise you dont try it haha.
Yes because the female is not as aggressive as the male. For those that said no you don't know what are you talking about because they are compatible with lots of other fish and i seen it in the pet store.
Yes but you HAVE to acclimate her properly. Currently my 10 gallon tank houses a female and male betta, 5 male guppies, and an african dwarf frog. At first my female mauled my male but I separated them until the male healed, and then I re-acclimated. I haven't had any issues in the 6 months they have been together, but it depends on the fish too.
Females are not as aggressive as the males, USUALLY. Of course each fish has it's own personality and there are exceptions to every rule. If you put your female in with peaceful community fish that do not have flowing fins, are not tail nippers, and do not have bright colors, then I think everything will be ok. You could also set up a betta sorority, if you have a large enough tank. You would need at least a ten gallon tank and at least 4 female bettas. For more info on bettas and setting up sorority tanks check out the website in my profile.
Female betta will chase after small fishes and depending on the size of your tank. If it's big it should not be a problem since the small fishes have enough place to swim away and hide.
If you are working with a 5-gallon, you can add two more females, a male betta and a mystery snail.

If you are working with a 10-gallon, you can add two more females, a male betta, a school of six fish and a mystery snail.

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