Betta fish can be in the sun light?

I did read a lot about bettas but I can find if they needs light.
but what I saw, he is happy having some sun light. do you know he really needs it or it will hurt him?
hell no! no sunlight! I had 8 bettas not one was alive after I stuck them in the sun light, it wasn't direct sunlight just alil bit so they can heat up. It was around october or so and I thought they would like alittle sunlight for a few hours or so to worm up. This was the First and Last time I stuck betta fish in the sun light, they all died not even an hour later. Jumped out of their bowls. (they never acted so funny and did this before) The water was fine everything was perfict, I couldn't understand why this happened. Later found out they dont like the sunlight. I would keep him away from the sunlight they dont need it, I think it could stress him out, normal light is fine.

This was about 2 years ago, all of them I had for about a year 1/2 and all died. now I have 2 to start out with once again, I was kinda hurt because they died and waited to get more and to start a new collection. hehe got new ones now, ones white his name is blake and the others dark red after the first one I ever got Manson, his name is Mansion 2. ^_^
not in direct sunlight..
NEVER put fish in a window or were the sun will be on them dircetly!! I never put my bettas in the sun, room light always seemed fine!!
The sun will heat the tank too much! Alot faster if it is only a little gallon bowl.

WHen he is in sunlight does he swim around alot?? It maybe that he is too hot and he is looking for a cool spot!
It is suggested that you avoid sunlight because of increased algae growth and the tank can have a rapid shift in temperature. As long as the sunlight isn't too strong, or prolonged you should be okay.
No the sunlight will not hurt him. It is ok the put the fish in moderate sunlight. They actually like the sun.just not too much.
He was probably happy because the water was actually at the temperature he requires. Bettas are tropical fish, and as such, their water should never dip below 76 degrees.

If you're genuinely concerned about your betta, you need to get him out of that bowl and into a real tank with a filter and heater, at least 2.5 gallons. Otherwise, you're just cutting his life down with poor water quality and temperature fluctuations.
The sunlight would be okay except that if he is in direct sunlight it could overheat his bowl and if the temp gets to high for too long it will kill him. in general, fish do not reqquire light, per se. There should be a definite night and day cycle for sure. But room lighting is fine. Fish do not require bright sunlight.
He doesn't need it, but it should be okay in most cases. My bettas get a lot of indirect sunlight in the morning. The key is not direct sunlight, and they have something to hide behind. Also it can be bad if it raises the temp above 85. Remember smaller tank/bowls will heat faster. So where a 5 gallon tank might be fine, a 1/2 gallon cup might be a death trap.
NO! The sunlight is bad for him all day. You can keep him in sunlight only if he has plants to shelter under and a filter in the tank to clean up the infusoria or other algae that will grow as a result. Watch the water temp too!

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