Why does my Betta flare at me when I look at him?

When I go near my Betta's tank, he flares at me. Not just with his fins, but he also puffs up behind his gills which looks really scary. Does this mean he doesn't like me? I'd love him to be tame and let me hand feed him, even pat him as I've heard some Betta's do.
That is perfectly normal. Depending on how long you've had him, he may stop eventually. Right now, he sees you as a threat to his territory. If you take some frozen bloodworms and let them sit on your fingers, he will probably swim up to you and eat the bloodworms off of your hand. It is not good to pet fish (even if you are careful), you risk removing their slime coats and leaving them susceptible to infections.


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EDIT: Bettas don't learn peoples' faces, they learn that people mean they get fed. By putting your face right up to his tank, you will likely scare him because you are so much larger than him, thus, you appear threatening. Also, don't make loud noises around the tank, that will confuse him and he may learn to associate humans with loud noises. Closing a door is fine, just don't slam it... things like that.

EDIT 2: Bettas don't care what color you are wearing. Just like it has been proven that bulls don't get angry when they see red (they are actually colorblind), they just don't like the waving motion.
He just needs to get used to you. Try looking at him everyday and see what happens. Eventually he will start to go by you and not flare up.
Some bettas have been known to flare at the color red. Maybe your shirt or something?
My Betta Fish does that sometimes too. That means he's just getting used to you. When you have the time look at your fish for about 5 minutes, let him get to know your face. When your feeding him make sure that he can also see your face too. That way he knows that you're nice and that you mean no harm to him. Try doing this for a week or so, then try to hand feed him. See what he does. If he still flares at you, keep on trying.
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when I got my first Beta he did that to me too. So I put him on my desk where I did all my homework. He got really use to seeing me so stopped flaring, even while I was wearing red.

Like any animakl just give him time to get use to you.
My beta did that to me 2 try 2 bond with ur beta feed him food & don't keep looking at him that makes him uncomfortable & Annoyed also never wear red around betas they're like bulls hate the color red

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