How do you drown a goldfish?

you cant drown a goldfish because drowning is getting water into your lungs (you dont necessarily have to die) and fish do not have lungs. so you cannot drown a fish! it's impossible. if you want to kill the fish in the water, put it in a small container with a lid and eventually it will run out of oxygen (but that wouldnt be very nice)
Give it mouth to mouth
remove it from water
if theres too much water in the tank and they dont get enough oxygen because the lid of the tank covers the only gap between the water and the lid
send him on down the line. down the toilet that is.
flush it !
remove from water ?
you should give your goldfish salt
Hold its gills shut. May I ask why you would want to?
take it out of the water
take it out from the glass jar .or.. it in the watter!-lol!
It's not possible.
Erm..Its a fish you see. How is it possible to drown a fish who lives in waters? (Just like how you drown human on land-*if it sounds like a comparison). Probably, what you can do is kill the fish first. Then only, the fish might probably sink. I havent tried it before yet thou,But please, never try it.
The opposite of what we consider drowning and that would be to take him/her out of water.

Yeah please don't do this though.
Um..Goldfish are fish..I don't think it's possible.
Take away it's oxygen. Water holds dissolved oxygen, draws it in via it's surface. Oxygen levels in water depend on the density and temperature of the water as well as it's volume. Too big a fish in too little water will quickily use up it's oxygen before the water has time to replenish it's reserves. In very hot weather it is quite normal to see fish gasping at the surface of ponds, trying to get more oxygen.
Taking a fish out of water will not strictly drown a fish as the definition of drowning is to be underwater. What will happen when a fish is out of water, it's gill membranes and filaments will close together and reduce their surface area, thereby preventing the fish to draw enough oxygen to it's blood stream. Providing the fish does not dry up first, it will asphyxiate.

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