Can fish burn themselves on the heater ?

yes, but it doesn't happen very often. if your fish are so stupid that they lean against it long enough to get burnt then they are better off dead. buy smart fish plz.
uummmm.. yes?
Yes, they can. Also, if the heater runs to hot or malfunctions it can boil the fish.
Ha? it's nuts!you know that!
no they usually dont, I have a huge tank and a huge heater for it, they seem to move away the moment they get uncomfortable, thats one way I also know if I have to change the settings, but again fish have such small attention spans, maybe the poor guy did stay too close to the heater for too long. it could also be a skin condition - check with the vet or pet store guys.
it shouldnt be that hot what type of tank isit? tropical ?
my snails travel on my heater all the time, i often see newts hanging on it too
Yes fish can burn themselves on the heater, I have seen it happen. You can buy plastic heater guards that protect the fish from these, though make sure you buy the on that sticks to the glass and heater rather than just the heater as they have a tendancy of fusing to the heater. If the fish are gathering around your heater then it may also hint that your water is not warm enough for the fish you have or that your heater is not powerful enough for the size of tank you have.
Get rid of the heater
you can buy a heater guard at the pet shop and by the way its quite common and unless your fish is very baddly burned it should servive
unless there is something wrong with the heater no they can not , but if your worried about that buy a plastic submersible heater
yes they can burn themselves on the heater When i had tropical fish i had a big cichlid that burnt himself on the heater i used to put salt on the area (just a small amount)
Yeah, definitely. I had a plecostomus which constantly hide under the heater and consequently got fungus on its back where it was burning itself. The best thing to do is to buy a heater guard or put the heater where the fish is less likely to Lie by it. You did not mention which fish you had, but I would also be careful of cichlids because they can remove the heater from the clamp. I had an oscar which smashed the heater against the tank bottom and boiled itself to death (Silly fish!) by breaking the thermostat. I actually changed my heater to an under tank heating mat since then! It wasn't the most pleasant smell or sight!
Have you tested the Ph? If that is too low that burns the fish
you are a cruel person

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