How long do goldfish normally live?

I've had mine for about 2 1/2 years. Is that a long time?
I would say it's a long time. I had one live about that long. Mine would always swim right up to my finger every time I placed my finger near the glass.

To the responder who said they typically last 5-10 years- I can see that, but I wonder under which conditions are these fish living that long? My little goldfish lasted about 3 years in a typical hamster-sized aquarium- after starting out in a bag from a carnival. I would imagine that goldfish in smaller, confined areas may not live as long as others?

Also, they only grow as big as their "container", from what I understand. The bigger the container, the bigger they will grow.
they usually live til they die
i had one for a year, and i gave it to my granny and it died like 2 days after. i guess im just good at taking care of fish.
My goldfish lasted 8 years.
mine lived 11 years
I had one that lived for 6 years!
The average lifespan of goldfish is 5-10 years.
my friend goldfish lived for eight years
Try 20-30 yrs, the oldest died at 43 years of age!
Goldfish can live up to 40 years - but the conditions must be perfect. In most family homes 8-10 years is a good stint.

No prizes yet but you're doing fine. Keep feeding & cleaning him and don't stress him out.
Book says up to 15 years. I have had mine for 5 years. Keep oxygen in the water with a bubblier, having sufficient oxygen is the key ( and of course food)
We had one for 8 years and it had a tumor. Usually they only between a couple weeks and 2 months. Especially those carnival ones.
It varies quite a bit depending on what and how you are keeping it .. what kind of tank, .. or bowl .. if it is the only fish .. how many gallons of water is it living in . The better care you take of your fish, the longer it would live. My informationi is that the average life of a goldfish living in a tank is anywhere from 3 to 5 years.. however, from other answers here .. people are saying theirs have lived much longer.
Fancy goldfish variety had a life span of 5-10 years. The real McCoy can out live you if taking care of it right.
that sounds good compared to some of my friends lifespan of goldfish, but my daughter won two little bright orange ones 4 1/2 years ago at a fairground, they were about an inch and so big, now they are both still alive in a glass tank with a fluval and approx 4 inces long, they have also gone a very pale peach colour, just keep doing what you doing and enjoy watching it.
Compared to most yes. Depending on the breed, and care 20-30 years. Koi can get a lot older. Just remember that's like say a person can live to 116. Sure is possible but most people are lucky to make it to 80. The average for a well kept goldfish is about 10 years. That excludes death by disease, and misadventure. Many breeds are highly inbred, poorly bred and as a result suffer a host of genetic issues. Poorly kept goldfish average about 6 months before they die of over feeding, and ammonia poisoning.
That's normal. I had one live for almost 4.
no, long time 10 years
some fish can live for 1 day others can live for 20 years but as long as you take care of it the best you can then it is sure to live a while.

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