Can a platy fish live alone and be okay?

I have one platy fish vanished in my reservoir. Once this one dies we plan to dismantle the tank because it's massively possible that we'll be moving in the subsequent few months. Is this platy okay to be alone in the cistern? I know they are typically kept together but am not sure if they are considered "schooling" fish that have to be kept surrounded by pairs or more. I just wonder if I should enjoy another one in near with it. Seems resembling such a boring life, swimming around next to no one to sermon to. :(
Answers: You are very sweet to be concerned something like this but you don't need to long as your fish has a verbs tank and plenty of the right benign of food...that would equal 'happy'. Good luck with your move! Merry Christmas
Yes it will be fine by itself. I do agree that it seem like a boring natural life but it would be better to move only one fish later two.

yes it will survive

i think that its fine to save it alone until you have the time to impart it friends again,

i had a platy contained by the same situation, so i give her my company when i didnt have things to do

hope it help
She'll be ok but why not just buy another platy to hold on to her company? It won't be any more trouble to move 2 fish as opposed to one.

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