Do betta fish attack other goldfish?

I just got this male beta fish and it keeps attacking my two other goldfish that i just put in there just before i got the beta. what do i do?
I will have to agree with Kylie Ann. Please don't listen to most of the answers on here. Betta's are tropical fish they need warm water. Gold fish don't. And whomever stated to stick the Betta in a vase should be locked in a tiny closet for a while. Betta's have been given a bad name due to people who have no clue how to take care of them. I currently have 3 Betta adults (1 male, 2 females) in my community tank with Neon Tetra's, swordtails, corydoras, Barbs, Platy's and some larger sized Tetra's. My fish, even while feeding them, are never aggressive to the other tank mates. You should get a 5 gallon tank with a heater and a filter and put the Betta in there.
It's in a betta's nature to be aggressive. However I had a betta that lived in a 60-gal community tank very peacefully. Get them a bigger tank, it should help!
beta fish do not like other fish if I were u i would put th beta in another tank
I have a beta fish in a tank with two gold fish, unless you have other betas, it should be just fine. Just make sure to boil your water so tropical fish can last in it.
Bettas usually don't fight with other fish unless they have big fins. Big fins attract the Betta, and think that the other fish is another Betta. Male Bettas only fight with other Male Bettas. Perhaps, add some plants so some of the fishes can hide.
Bettas are aggressive fish (another name for them is Chinese Fighting Fish) and should not be kept with other fish. They have special tanks that you can get that have 2-5 separate compartments for keeping bettas.
You use the globe off of a hurricane lamp to keep the beta separate from the other fish. He will chew the back fins off the gold fish if you do not stop him. I lost several fish to a beta before I learned.
Well Betta fishes other name is Japanese fighter fish (or something like that) so it's in their nature to fight. If you keep two Betta's together there's a good possibility you'll only have 1 in the morning. So the same should go if you put a goldfish with a Betta.
Buy another tank for your goldfish, or get a bigger tank
a beta will fight any fish that gets near it!! take it out or your goldfish will be tailess and dead!
Well, think you should get another Betta fish and put that one and the new one in a separate tank than the goldfish
first off people, it's SAIMESE fighting fish. as in it came from somewhere where the temp is around 80°F. makinf it a TROPICAL fish. and goldfish are? COLD WATER fish. not a good match. also, goldfish produce waaay too much ammonia for bettas to handle.

bettas are not usually aggressive towards other fish. now while you do sometimes get an extremely aggressive betta, I'm willing to be it's more of your tank size than an overly aggressive betta. how big is your tank? for two goldfish it should be no less thank a 30gallon.

either way, you need to remove either the goldfish or the betta, because they are not compatible.
usually they will not attack unless provoked but you can buy a divider at your local pet store and separate the 3.
Male bettas often attack other fish with long, flowing fins. Apparently it reminds them of another male. I had one attack and kill a much larger veil tail angelfish once.

I don't think bettas are particularly a good community tank fish; they're better suited for a small speciman tank. Also, your goldfish are coldwater; bettas are tropical (warmer water). Tropical and coldwater species shouldn't be in the same tank.
bettas are better living alone. males are very aggressive as well as females. put them in a little tank or clear vase with a plants and he'll be happy
Yes, Betta's can be very aggressive fish that's why you shouldn't put Betta's with other fish.
I entirely agree with Kylie Ann.

That's what I was going to say.


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