Do mollies lay eggs or live fish?

my molly started producing yellow balls from her tummy. and i heard that they are livebearers. so just wondering what right answer is.
Mollies are live bearers.the babies are born in a ball shape and kind of bounce off the bottom or stuff in the tank and then straighten up and start to swim. Watch out for Daddy tho, he will follow mom while she is having babies and just gobble them up as they start to swim. Sometimes Mom will eat the babies too, that is why they have so many babies. My big molly had 33 babies the first time and we ended up with 9 that survived. But if you don't watch out, you will have a population explosion in your tank.I have guppies and mollies with swordtails (all are livebearers) in one tank and twice a month I give some away to a friend who has oscars, and there are times there are way too many fish in the tank, so I got a bigger tank with oscars plus am selling feeder fish as well.
Mollies are live bearers.
from what I know of a molly, she gave birth to humans..not fish or eggs
live bearers
live bearers but when they come out they still have the yolk sac that will keep them from swimming fast so separate them from the adults or they'll be eaten. you can put a screen with holes for the babies to pass thru but not adults so you can be sure they're not food to the big ones.
they are born live
lay eggs
They are live bearers. They make lots and lots of babies. We started out with 3 or 4 mollies several years ago and within a few months we probably had close to 100!!
Molly bear live. When you have two to four Molly, there will be many of them after a few months. Best wishes.
Mollies are livebearers.
those yellow balls are premature babies in their 'sack'. Otherwise, they normally give birth to free-swimming babies.
Boy oh boy peolpe should really do some looking up on the net before they try to answer questions they know nothing about. Yes there are a FEW on here that answered this question but if I was the one who asked this I would be very confused on the answer.

Mollies are livebearers. They give birth to live fish called fry. Its true that if the fry is not redy at the time of birth they will still be in the yolk sack. 98% of the time that this happens they will not live. You molly can have anywhere from 1-100 fry in one drop.

Also they will eat thr fry so you need to put them into a different tank or remove the mom into a different tank soon after birth. I have a 1.5 gallon that I use as my nursery. I would say that you need to get one or even a breeders net that the mom can have the fry in, then you take her out. After the fry are aobut 6 weeks old you can let them go in the tank with out fear of them being eatn by mom.
live bearing
Those yellow balls, are a batch of fry that didnt develop. She miscarried the babies. Mollies have live young. SHe may have had a few lil ones survive. A few of my female mollies would drop some eggs that never developed ( yellow balls ), plus have some live young. But if she is in with the rest of the mollies, or tank mates. They will eat them. She will eat them. So get a breeders net for her next time to have the babies in. Then when she is done you take her out, so the babies can survive. Oh and they are sooooo cute when the are first born.
live birth
Mollies are livebearers. I know because I've had them before and they were always having live babies called fry.
They have babies as do guppies, sword tails, halfbeaks and platys.
They are livebearers

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