My betta fish is punffing out it gills wat is my betta doing?

its making me sad
its seeing something it doesn't like
maybe you're scaring it. take that any way you like.
males will do that to each other, If you put 2 males together they puff out their gills and fight they end up ripping each others tail fins off.
It's performing a intimidation display (the flared out gills make it appear bigger, and when they do this they usually expand and fully display their fins as well). He may be seeing a reflection of himself (thinking it to be another male betta).
I don't know if you want a 13 year old girls advice but Mine did that all the time it's because there pretecting there home. They thing your going to disturbe them so you fish is fine
Is it close to a mirror or can it see its reflection? That's a sign of aggression when they do that.
Betta fish puff out their stuff when they feel threatened or scared or if they are going to fight. It makes them look bigger and meaner. Mine did that when I first got him and now he doesn't because he is use to me. Its just part of who they are, no worries.
That's its form of defense.don't place it next to any other fish bowls or in a place that it can see a lot of movement from other animals.although it will get acclamated to it in due time.
Thats what those kind of fish do. Put a mirror up to him, it's like their defense mode. Don't be sad, it's cool!
It's called flaring. Bettas flare when they feel threatened. This usually means they think they see another male betta. They will flare at (and attack) most any fish with long fins because they can't tell the difference. They will also flare at their reflection in a mirror. Sometimes waving a bright-colored object in front of them will make them flare.

Most people who have any experience with fish will tell you that flaring is bad, even if it looks cool. You need to figure out what is making your betta mad.

It's kind of like a puffer fish. Puffer fish will puff up when they feel threatened. It looks cool, but too much will kill them.

There are many aquarium forums on the net where you can learn more about your betta from smart people.
What your fish is doing is called Flaring. It will do this if he saw another bettas, any other fishes similar to Bettas or trying to protect his territory. He is doing this to scare off intruder and may attack. Just separate it from others and it will be okay.
Hes trying to be intimidating
to absorb oxygen.
It's his threat display. Generally it's the sight of another betta or his reflection. They will flare at other fish if they are planning on attacking it. Some of your more aggressive betta (generally crowntails) will flare at fingers, food, people, new decorations, and pretty much any thing. Try to reduce reflections, and the sight of other fish. It's really not harmful his gills don't work any way. (He takes his air from the surface.) Generally they get use to see what ever is setting him off. Sometimes an hour or so of mirror time a couple of times a week. Will get it out of his system. (Mirrors full time is a bit stressful.) A hiding spot an also help if he's flaring because he feels threatened.
bob my betta had its food right next to the tank and it had a lifesize picture of a betta on it, he always did that, he was cool he swam his laps, he would sleep on his fake plants and swim around your finger like a shark
male Betta do that when they see something that makes them mad. could be something that looks like another male Betta. a feather or anything that resembles another male Betta
if he looks at u and is doin it hes hating u.
hes ready to fight
Its showing signs of natural aggression. Nothing to worry about unless you add another male to the tank.

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