How long before I can put fish into my aquarium?

I set up the 10 gallon aquarium with the filter and the heater. How long until I can pit in the goldfish?
To start with you just need to leave the goldfish in the bag and place the bag in the water so that their water temp. will adjust to yours. Then every 10 mins. you need to take 1 cup of your water and add it to the bag of goldfish so that they will adapt to your water and do this till the bag is full, then after you fill the bag the fish will be ready to go into the tank. A lot of the time if you just put the fish into the tank after waiting the 30 mins. that the pet store tell you, the fish still die, because it is a shock to them. That is because the pet stores water is different than yours.
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wait about a day to let the tank run.. then float the bag on the water for about 30 min to allow the fish to adjust to the temp change
Ideally, your aquarium should run through its nitrogen cycle to set up beneficial nitrifying bacteria before you put fish in. To do it fishless, you'll need to buy a cycling product (an ammonia source), and follow the directions on using it. You can also cycle the aquarium using a small hardy fish. Make sure you only add one, and make sure you do water changes at least twice a week to keep the water conditions safe. You can also add a teaspoon of freshwater aquarium salt per 3 gallons of water to reduce stress on the fish, and reduce the effects of higher nitrites. Water test kits for ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites will help, because you have to wait for your ammonia to spike and then drop, then your nitrite to spike and then drop, and then your nitrates to spike and then drop to a safe level. You can speed up this process by adding a handful of gravel from an established aquarium (one you know to be healthy). Also, if you have a heater, you can go with small tropical fish instead of goldfish. Goldfish are pretty messy and really too much of a bioload to even have one in a 10 gallon. This is a good web site for talking you through the cycling process.
You want to let at LEAST 24 hours pass before adding fish. I always reccomend adding extra bacteria with a new tank. There are products like "Cycle" that are made for this. Make sure that you add fish SLOWLY. I know it is easy to want to "get going" too fast, but you can KILL ALL your fish this way. You have to let your water cycle through the whole nitrogen cycle. If you add too many fish at once, there will not be enough beneficial bacteria in your water to break down waste like amonia. Your amonia and nitrate levels will skyrocket, and your fish will die. With a ten gallon, you should not add more than 2 small fish (one or two inch) at first. Wait a few days, then add one or two more. You want a maximum of 10 inches of fish in a 10 gallon anyway, so keep in mind you won't want to get fish that will get big, or just pu too many in.
Well hopfully you havent gotten the fish yet because you need to wait at LEAST a week before you put in the fish. The tank needs to have a bacterial bloom which is GOOD. After a week make sure the tank is at a good temperature and put the fish in. Note: When putting the fish in keep them in the bag you got them in and let them sit in the bag in the water for at least 30 mins to get used to the temperature
If your tank is already established and fully cycled (i.e., has fish in it and has been running for 5 months), then you can place the fish in the tank after acclimating it (which will take 15-30min). Be advised a goldfish will eventually require a much larger tank (30gal+ for each one).

If the tank was recently set up and has no fish in it (as I suspect), you're starting off on the wrong foot. The denitrifying bacteria that need to be present in your tank to process all the ammonia and nitrite produced in the tank will take 4-6 weeks to develop. During that period the ammonia and nitrite levels in your tank will rise to lethal levels and kill all but the most hardy of fish.

Do research on cycling a tank (fishless cycling is a good method since it doesn't risk the fish's life, but there are other cycling methods).

By the way, running a newly set up tank empty for 1 day or 1 month does absolutely no good without an ammonia source to start the cycling process.
AWE< you people are stupid, READ the question. "I JUST SETUP MY TANK" does this mean the tank is established and cycled.NO, DUH>

You bought a goldfish right?? Goldfish are in the same family as Carp. Carp live in sewage prety much. Your goldfish can go into the tank as soon as the water is at a decent temp..say 60-75.

Secondly, its just a goldfish, why bother waiting, they only cost like 25cents to replace.

Oh, also, name it Beef.
yesterday, and you don't necessarilly need the heater either. goldfish are coldwater fish

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