I have a goldfish that is brown will it turn orange as it gets older?

i think its turning whiter (maybe i dont no)
Okay...these depends on what type of goldfish it is. Some goldfish come in colors other than orange. There are for example 'chocolate orandas' or black moors both of which will keep their color. However common comets are often a brownish or grayish color in their juvenile state and will turn orange as they age.

Turning white...this doesn't sound good. Fish will sometimes experience color loss when they is low PH and/or alkalinity in the tank. White could also be an indication of fungus. Usually if they're going to be white - they're white even as a juvenile. Hope this helps!
Probably not. They come in a lot of colors.
ok i am confused. goldfish are supposed to turn brown when there old and gold when young. i think yours is already old
I have a gold fish that i won at a canival over 6 years ago, dont kno how its still alive haha , but her color did change. About 2 years ago, her tail fell of and she went from being a brownish color, to be a REALLY beauitful gold. So its possible that your could do the same.
Are you sure it's a goldfish and not a scavenger fish?
Im guessing that it might. Its like a tiger. Tiger gets its stripes when it get older :)
Goldfish change color many times in their life.

It's normal.

Yes, it will most likely turn orange. I have a Koi and goldfish pond. Every year we get baby goldfish. Generally they are brown at first then they turn orange as the get older.
We even had one larger/older goldfish that was brown in color. It took a few years but he turned orange.
I have had goldfish turn from brown to orange in many occasions and vise versa. Its common for goldfish in captivity to change color. Theres nothing you can really do to enhance it into changing.
brown often turn yellow/gold to white as they lose brown pigment. i think orange pigment would stand out over the brown but i am not sure.

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