Why does my betta fish keep swimming around reely fast up and down the tank?

He is really sick, stressed out, and/or is frightened of something. When they start doing that, they often jump try to jump out of the tank. (At least that's my experience with them.) If I were you, I'd put him in a clean tank with a screen over it.
it's probaly about to die
he's just really stressed.
When I had beta fish they always did that too. I think they are just neurotic.
maybe oxygen level is low>>>>>>>>>>>
Are his gills and fins extended as well? He might be really agressive right now and think that you're a rival. Mine does that a lot.
that is really not normal./. check ph level of the water
hey, the fish is him/herself. it can do what it wants to do.
bored. or scared
Mine does that too. It is just the way they are. Is it near a mirror or anything that it can see it's reflection. If so it is probably wanting to fight!
It is really rather simple.
If he has his gills extended as well he is exhibiting a behavior commonly known as "flaring."
Flaring is the way betta fish "show off or show up other males."
It is a healthy behavior and should be encouraged.
A sickly or unhappy betta will NOT flare.
He may be seeing a shiny object, mirror, his reflection in the glass, or just feel like flaring.
It is nothing to be worried about is a good thing. Let me repeat that: it is a good thing.
I keep my bettas within sight of each other so they can flare at wach other. It gives them exercise and keeps their brains stimulated. They simply swim away from each other when they don't want to flare.
I hope this helps. Again: It is a good thing!

Sickly bettas or bettas about to die do not swim quickly. They don't swim period.
its probably stressed or sick

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