Is a 1 gallon tank big enough for 1 male betta fish?

It's not ideal, but with frequent water changes he should stay healthy. Bettas are about the only ones who can live in that small of a tank. If you add some kind of filtration (without much current) he'll be happier.
I think betta fish like the smaller bowls ask the pet store to make sure
I would get him a nano. They need room to swim around.
Thats plenty big.. heck they often are put in smaller bowls by themselves.. they dont move a whole heck of a lot. But to answer your question.. yes.. one gallon bowl is plenty. 8^)
That should be ok, maybe a little bigger would be better though.
Sure. Just make sure you do water changes at least once a week. It's too small to allow filtration of any kind; bettas like still surface waters. Also, it's too small to house a heater, so make sure you put him in a warm part of the house.
I read up on male bettas befor I put one in my community aquarium. They are called siamese fighting fish because they used to fight over space in a mud puddle when there was only room for 1 fish. They are good in small containers, and you don't have to have a fettish about overly cleaning the bowl. They are very playful- they like it when you watch them. Don't put an air stone in the bowl because they like it a little more peaceful. Also, give it a place to hide, so it can chill out once in awhile.
Yes and nice your not keeping it in one of those tiny bowls!
Thats plenty big enough for one fish. You shouldnt have to clean it much since you only have one fish
A 1 gallon tank is definitely big enough for a male beta fish. If you noticed when you purchased the animal he was in a really small container. They can live in very small amounts of water. Some people put them in fish bowls that have house plants coming out of them. It's pretty cool.
Yea its fine.
yes u can put him in that, but they like places to hid and plants and all that so u can really do alot with that tank, go to petco and get a care sheet they will tell u everythign u can put in the tank with him~
good luck ~
Yes that's fine, just make sure you keep the water clean.
If you want a boring, sentient fish, yes. No matter what size tank, you need to filter/change the water to keep it clean. BUT..

Bettas WILL get along with other fish that don't have excessive finnage (big frilly fins like Bettas do), since they don't see them as a threat. I had a betta in a 10 gallon tank with guppies and they got along just fine! PLUS my betta swam around like a normal happy fish, and would come up to the surface to nibble my fingers!

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