Horse riding apparel?

I live in a place where on earth it is REALLY cold right now. and plainly in the summer it get REALLY hot. I would like to know of some websites or brands that own stylish riding apparel. I hate wearing big sweatshirts and coats to ride contained by. I want to be warm, but still stylish surrounded by the saddle. I want to look good, not similar to a slob horse owner.

I already know of like and dover and wager on in the saddle. any others?
Answers: I am going to throw out some brands fairly than stores and you can google or them.


Horseware -Julia Down (I'm selling one if you want it :P kidding)

I have not be cold since I bought this jacket.

Puffa - they do a windproof fleece line

Breeches- Harry Hall, Ariat, Tropical Rider, check out

Boots- Ariat and Dublin both product some gorgeous and stylish winter riding boots. Smartpak and other sites for these

T-shirts- I like the Life is Good equestrian specific tees (smartpak), recurrently has cheap, saucy tees

Other interesting sites I've found are: (be warn, their customer service STINKS, I bought a fleece from them and they had the wrong style and colour nominated on the outlet page. ) They have a HUGE test. haven't shopped here

These are all predominantly English. If you are into Western, consent to me know and I can send another document.

Have fun!
get a blue one

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