What would a mixed horse be called?

What would a horse that is the outcome of two different breeds be called? Would it just be called mixed or some more scientific name?

For example: If a Peruvian Paso and a Morgan had a foal.
well it would be a Peruvian paso morgan cross. some cross breeds have names like a morab is a morgan arab cross
or apendix QH is a QH crossed with a TB
Or a quarter pony a pony crossed with a QH
patches, kili, buttercup, rockyroad
a mix
Depends on what the rules say. But i would say just a grade horse. Short and sweet. But with that breed they are going to be smooth.
well the name for a "mixed horse" is grade horse. It means not full blooded. And if a Peruvian Paso and a Morgan had a foal then it would be a Peruvian Paso/Morgan Cross. Some grade breeds have special names for them like the Quarab-Quarter Horse and Arabian. Or the Morab-Morgan and Arabian. I know someone with a Percheron(sp?) Haflinger mix. We call her the Perchlinger. lol
Grade horse.
A horse that is born of parents of different breeds is called a cross. Some crosses have specific names such as a quarab (quarter horse and arab) or an iberian warmblood (andalusian and thoroughbred) Some crosses can be registered, others cannot. Crosses that cannot be registered are considered grade horses. Grade horses are also horses that are purebred that are not registerable for any other reason.
Well, usually the horse is referred to by both breeds. For example, I have an Arab/saddlebred mix, and my mom has a Quarter/Appy mix. I reckon if a Peruvian Paso and a Morgan had a foal, it'd be a Morgan/Paso mix, or Peruvian/Morgan mix. Whatever floats your boat.
It is just called a peruvian paso/morgan CROSS
Some breeds are called things like an Appendix QH and a Anglo-arab b/c they are so popular mixes.
a "grade"
The name for a mixed breed horse is called cross bred. So if a Paso and a Morgan had a foal, they'd be cross breeding.
well...they could be referred to as mutts, but the name could be combined, like Peruvian Morgan, for instance.it could also be called rockyroad!!
it would be (sire breed)X(mom breed)

So Peruvian PasoXMorgon
well thats what it says in my book
In general, a horse of unknown or mixed parentage or even a purebred without papers is known as a 'grade horse.'
It depends on the mix-- For exmaple: If you mix a thoroughbred with a quarter horse it would be called a TBXQH. But any other crosses that aren't 'official' breeds would be called a Grade horse.

The peruvian and morgan would be a Grade horse.
It would be a grade...others would be as seen
Morgan x Arabian- Morab
Saddlebred x Arabian- National Saddle horse(NSH)
QH x Arabian- Quarab
QH x TB- Appendix QH
or you'd just say: "Peruvian Paso/Morgan cross"
It depends on the registry. Arabian and TB registries don't permit outcrossing, but QH and Appaloosa allow certain approved breeds to be registered as a full blooded horse. Popular crosses have their own breed registries or common names like Half-Arab, Azteca, National Show Horse, Morab, Quarab, Araloosa, Walkaloosa, etc. A horse without a registry is referred to as a grade.
Horses out of two breeds are called crosses. For your example- it would be called a Peruvian Paso- Morgan cross.

There are some breeds that do have an actual name like a Pinto- Appaloosa cross. They're called Pintaloosas.
If you mix a quarter horse with an arab its called a quarab, or if you mix a morgan with a quarter horse its called a morab. Not sure about any othewr mixes. They are also refered to as grade horses. I like to call them mutt horses.
simply a crossbred, or a morgan cross, or peruvian paso cross.
They call them X-Breds or if its a draft cross a sport horse
It's called a grade horse.

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