Do horses ever take all 4 hooves off the ground during the gaits?

do horses ever take all 4 hooves off the ground.
if not please explain to me.
yeah horses have all 4 hooves off the ground at some point while runing.
Yes, look at the photo finishes at the track. You can easily see all four feet off the ground at once.
Yes at a gallop
at full gallop and when jumping, yes.
There is s split second during the canter when all four feet are not on the ground.
even racing trotters have been photographed with all four feet off the ground, so I would say the only gait where horses do not have all four feet off the ground at one time or another would be a walk.
The older style Arabians had a floating trot that all 4 were off the ground, also in a Hand Gallop all 4 would also be off the ground

Hunter/jumpers when they go over fences

Saddlebreds when they spook
yes, it is in the suspension phase of their movement. It is seen in gallops and canters.
Wll some so. My arab has all four feet off the ground when he gets in to his BIG extended trot and some horses do when they canter. Bt if its some western pleasure quater horse then they probably dont. When hosres canter they usually have one foot on the ground but some have enough momentum to get all 4 off the ground. it pretty much depends on the horse and speed
i think during the gallop, they breifly take all of their hooves off the ground
They do. In canter and gallop.
Yes, during the lope and gallop.

If you were to get a video camera and film your horse doing either of those and later watched it in slow motion, you would see that all four feet do come off the ground.
Yes, everyone here is correct. At the extended canter and gallop, all four feet commonly come off the ground, hence it is a 4-beat gait...Arabians do it at a trot because it is so elevated and extended and MANY dressage horses, warmbloods in particular, do this at their extended trots.
yes, there is a point of suspention at the trot, canter, and gallop
Yes they do when there at a gallop or run
The gallop. It is called "suspension," when a horses' hooves are at the same time off the ground.

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