Waterproofing a horse blanket?

i'm trying to get primed for winter... anyone have any tips on waterproofing a horse blanket? i enjoy a nice heavy 'waterproof' blanket that i bought finishing year, but i want to make sure it stays that passageway. i've heard that the waterproofing merits wear off near time. i also have a nice sticky bmb stable blanket that is not impermeable.

are there any spray products that i can use to impermeable these blankets? i found some spray for camping gear- say it works on all fabric, even fleece. is it possible to waterproof my stable blanket? also, what variety of soap is best to use on my waterproof blanket?

i'd appreciate any planning you guys have.
gratitude! :)
Answers: Teflon spray used on upholstered furniture works great and last. One of my sons works at a furniture store and come up with the perception of spraying the blankets with the stuff. Might ask your local stick shop something like teflon treatments for your blankets or ask where you can bring the product
When I saw the question, I in a jiffy thought of the spray you were conversation about for camp gear. It works very ably on most fabric, and I'm sure it would work for a horse blanket.
Scotch Guard,works okay I camp/back pack in the snow,and I use it...also try Woolite soap,or Draft kid detergent
i own a saddle and tack store in norco,ca and if you freshly bought that blanket last year than it should still be impermeable! alot of the blanket companies use an inner lining specifically also waterproof so if the river does get thru the top shroud you have the inner liner as a backup.try it presently put it on a saddle rack or something with a blanket or towel underneath it and afterwards hose the blanket down, leave it sit here for a few minutes than pick the blanket up off the rack and see if your towel underneath is showery!! if it is than you should call the company and complain any impermeable blanket should be gauranteed and last for more than 1 raining season, if you dont want to stir things up than you could always try the rainproof scotch gaurd ( i think thats what it is) for tents and things close to that to keep them waterproofed. biddable luck!
Yes, the waterproof membrane orignally surrounded by the blanket can wear out over time. It will help to save it clean - simply rinsing it thoughout the season helps. Washing too much next to detergents can break down the waterproof membrane. When wash, be sure to use a soap specifically made for waterproof materials. Rambo Wash is moral, so is Nikwax wash.

Carr Day & Martin make a waterproofing spray made for blankets, and it's quite apt - I've used it on my old Rambos. I'm sure ScotchGuard will work too!
I haven't hear of any spray on products to make them rainproof...interesting idea though! In the winter I other have my horse enjoy a really warm stable blanket for inside and a rainproof winter blanket to throw on top when she goes out or if it's not too cold after she gets her rainsheet put on top.

I don't surmise you should worry nearly waterproofing your stable blanket. If your horse is only going to be wearing it inside don't even verbs about it. Both my rainsheet and my turnout blanket are impermeable and I've never had a problem beside them loosing their waterproofing "abilities". I have the Amigo brand stuff and I love it. This is the stable blanket I hold: http://www.amazon.com/amigo-stable-blank...
...and this is the rainsheet/turnout sheet except I have the horse sized one (and yes I enjoy the pink one! It's BEAUTIFUL!) http://www.amazon.com/amigo-pony-turnout...
I use what you stated in your cross-question for camping gear. Takes 2 can at least if we are dealing beside a big horse blanket. I use one can on one side and a can on the other. Works great! Keeps my horses dry all year.
I own always used scotch guard and it works powerfully. I would use it on any type of blanket except the blanket that has stiching adjectives over it. I bought a non waterproof weatherbeta and it have stiching lines going across it. I applied several coats of scotch guard but it did work because of the stiching. You do have to reapply the scotch guard every year. I do it after I dust the blankets after the winter.
You could also consider leaving the heat up blanket alone, leave it approaching it is for cold days that you only call for warmth, not hose down proofing and just include a second, very flimsy, water proof cooler as a protection against moisture.

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